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1898 S. Flatiron Court Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 303-396-1898

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Pale Ale

The one that started it all. This crisp, clear, dry Pale Ale balances a premium clear malt body with spicy Patagonian Cascade hops. There’s nothing in the Northern Hemisphere quite like it! ABV 5.8%.

India Pale Ale

A unique blend of hops and malt. Copious amounts of Patagonian and American hops give this brew a nice hop punch while a heavy hand of Crystal malts provide a malt backbone to balance it all out. ABV 7.2%.

Brown Ale

English tradition meets American creativity. A fusion of English malts and hops with American yeast and assertiveness, this big Brown Ale boasts chocolate, coffee, and roasted flavors. It’s a 2012 GABF Silver medal winner in the American Brown Ale category, too! ABV 6.7%.

Craft Lager

100% all malt, premium American lager. The perfect companion for a fishing trip, float down the river, or whatever your day throws at you. Smooth, easy drinking with a crisp finish. 1% of all proceeds go to protecting our waterways via Colorado Trout Unlimited. ABV 4.8%.

Imperial IPA

Upslope Imperial India Pale Ale is an assertively hopped 10% ABV Imperial IPA that captures a golden color, with a medium body. Brewed using six pounds of a unique blend of hops to impart subtle flavors of pineapple and melon to the central hop notes of citrus and pine. In stores, this brew comes packaged exclusively in Ball Corporation’s 19.2 oz Royal Pint can. ABV 10%.

Belgian-Style Pale Ale

Wonderfully deceptive, this light bodied Belgian-Style Ale is full of flavor with an alcoholic kick. Trappist Ale yeast provides fruity esters that are balanced out with coriander on the finish. ABV 7.5%.

Foreign Style Stout

Full bodied, black, roasted, and exceptionally smooth, this was our first anniversary beer and our first limited can release. Finishes neither sweet nor dry, it is wonderfully balanced, making it perfect for both stout lovers and stout newbies. ABV 6.9%.

Upcoming Events

April 18, 2014 4:00 pm

Food Truck: Taco del Norte (Flatiron Park)

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April 19, 2014 3:00 pm

Food Truck: Wheel and Whisk (Flatiron Park)

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April 23, 2014 6:00 pm

Food Truck Beer Dinner Series - Bumper Crop (Flatiron Park)

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