The Upslope Story

Our Story

Premium Beer Without Being Pretentious

Crack open a cold, fresh can of Upslope, and ascend to new heights of beer bliss. You’ll discover a supremely palatable, drinkable ale that’s full of flavor. Hand-crafted in small batches, our beer is nothing but pure goodness, delivered to you in a portable, recyclable aluminum vessel. Take it anywhere!

How it all started–a dream, a brewer and a girl

Upslope began with a home brewer named Matt, who had a lifelong dream of crafting premium beer for an active lifestyle. Then Matt met Dany, who owned the world’s southernmost brewery, located in Ushuaia, Argentina. Dany liked brewing beer down south just fine, but he fell in love with a Colorado girl and had to follow his heart.

Matt recruited Dany to Boulder and Upslope was born. After careful brewing and testing, we pumped out our first batch of Pale Ale for public consumption in the fall of 2008. Soon thereafter, we concocted brew No. 2, our tasty India Pale Ale. Now five beers in on our year round lineup and another brewing facility later, we’re still following Matt’s dream and¬†tapping into Colorado’s active lifestyle by offering superior quality, hand-crafted ales in cans for the on-the-go beer enthusiast.

A Colorado brew, through and through

We love beer. And we love Colorado. So we set out to create the perfect beer to complement our active, outdoor lifestyle. We designed our delicious, drinkable ales in portable cans to appeal to the pioneering spirit of Colorado. So next time you’re skinning up slopes, biking backcountry trails, hiking high peaks, running rushing rivers, or chilling at a concert, grab a cold can to enjoy.

Protecting our environment is key to Colorado. That’s why we craft our beer with conscience. From recapturing the water we use in the brewing process, to installing efficient, three-phase electricity, to delivering our lightweight cans in a natural gas-powered van, we are finding ways to reduce the impact of our brewery on the planet.

Fresh, cold, pure

We take pride in every batch of beer we produce. Using only the purest ingredients, we carefully coax our beer until it reaches optimum flavor.

Why the can?

We package our beer in aluminum cans because it’s good for you, the beer, and the environment.

Exceptionally portable
Keeps beer fresh
Easy to recycle
Requires less fuel for transport