Pumpkin Ale

Availability: September–October

Adding organic baby bear pumpkins to malt and hops makes this truly a local farm to brewhouse collaboration. A custom blend of six spices rounds out the flavors in this highly anticipated beer.

COLOR Copper/Orange
AROMA Roasted Pumpkin and Pie Spices
FOOD Grilled Ham, Roasted Vegetables, Apple Crisp
ABV 7.7%
IBU 25
BODY Medium Light

The Details

Upslope Brewing Company releases its highly anticipated Pumpkin Ale on September 10, 2012. This 2011 GABF Gold Medal winner in the Field and Pumpkin Beer category is the third installment in their Limited Release Series and will be the brewery’s first 16 oz can four pack.

“This is what happens when a local brewer and a local farmer drink a pint together,” says Founder Matt Cutter. “Mike Munson from Munson Farms came to me in 2009 and asked if we were interested in brewing a pumpkin beer with his organic baby bear pumpkins grown in Boulder County. Malt and hops come from the field. Adding pumpkins to this brew makes this truly a local farm-to-brewhouse collaboration.”

In past years, Upslope Brewing employees took the pumpkins home to bake them in their ovens the night before the beer was brewed. This year they will brew 120 bbls requiring them to bake the pumpkins at a commercial kitchen in Lafayette. “This beer is brewed with freshly harvested pumpkins,” says Alex Violette, Upslope’s Head Brewer. “We believe that using fresh ingredients is what makes this beer taste so good.” Upslope also adds a custom blend of six spices from Savory Spice Shop to round out the flavors in this beer.

Upslope Brewing Pumpkin Ale will be released in a distinctive copper-colored, 16 oz can on a very limited basis throughout Colorado. It will be available until the end of October.