Blood Orange Saison

Blood oranges and Mandarina Bavaria hops seamlessly complement one another in this saison providing aromatic notes of citrus and bright, juicy flavors. The addition of pink peppercorns amplifies the spicy notes imparted by the saison yeast while balancing the beer’s natural sweetness and dry finish.

COLOR Deep Brass
AROMA Citrus, Slightly Spicy
FOOD Goat Cheeese, Herb Roasted Chicken, Steak
ABV 6%
IBU 25
AVAILABILITY Limited Release - Fall
BODY Light

The Details

Upslope Blood Orange Saison

Capitol Peak (14,131 ft) // Photo credit: Nicholas Logel

“The original concept for the beer was born out of a collaboration with our friends Drew and Leah Watson, owners of Hops & Pie in Denver. Over the past year we brewed a number of experimental saisons, but found ourselves looking back at this tap room favorite for inspiration,” said Upslope’s Head Brewer Sam Scruby. “I’m excited to showcase this hop variety paired with such an intricate and interesting yeast strain. The pink peppercorns and blood oranges amplify the spicy and dry saison character, giving us a wonderful bouquet of flavors.”