Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Coffee – Lee Hill Series Vol. 12

Lee hill series vol 12 imperial stout coffee

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Coffee

The next member of our barrel-aged, small-batch Lee Hill Series of beers is almost ready for release, and its an exciting spin on an Imperial Stout. Volume 12 of our Lee Hill Series will be a Barrel Aged Imperial Stout conditioned with fresh Dragonfly Coffee Roasters coffee beans. Like our previous Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, the brewers chose to age this beer in Maryland Style Rye Whiskey barrels for four months, in cooperation with Leopold Bros. Distilling.

A Dragonfly Coffee Roasters Collaboration

A panel of brewers tasted a variety of coffee brewed with some of Dragonfly Coffee Roasters most unique beans, while also testing the aroma of the beans themselves, and settled on Dragonfly’s Dark Horse coffee beans. We aged the beer with 100 pounds of Dark Horse beans for several days, until we had just the right amount of the beans’ flavors. These stand out beans imparted robust smoke and pepper accents on an already deep beer.

Rich chocolate, toffee malt flavors and floral rye whiskey spice complement the peppery and smoky notes from the Dark Horse Coffee to deliver a buzzworthy, barrel aged experience.

This Imperial Stout weighs in at 10.8% abv and 70 IBUs. The malt character comes from English Maris Otter Malt and the subtle bitterness comes from a blend of American and English hops.

Releases Thursday, April 27th!

Join us on Thursday, April 27th from 5-9 pm for the release party at our Lee Hill tap room. Be the first to try this one on tap or snag a can for your cellar! Miller’s BBQ will also be on site serving up delicious food truck eats. 19.2 ounce cans will be available for $10 (limit 6 per person). Price goes up the next day, so be sure to pick some up while they last!

Hop Slope – Our Casey Brewing and Blending Collaboration

Upslope Hop Slope Casey Brewing collaboration beer 1

Casey Brewing and Upslope Team Up

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our newest collaboration brew, Hop Slope, which we teamed up with Casey Brewing and Blending to produce. This collaboration is a Farmhouse Saison brewed with local Glenwood Springs honey and hopped with Nelson Sauvin, El Dorado, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops. If that description alone didn’t get you stoked to try this limited release saison, we just don’t know what will…

From the desk of Upslope Head Brewer, Sam Scruby, here is the story and inspiration behind our newest collaboration beer release, Hop Slope.

 The Story of Hop Slope

“I’m originally from Glenwood Springs and had heard rumors of a new brewery opening in my hometown back in 2014, which made me really excited. I didn’t know anything about it, but I went to go investigate anyway. This was the first time I met Troy Casey. The brewery (or more correctly, the blending house) was not open yet, but Troy was kind enough to give me a quick peek inside. I walked inside, and my first thought was, “where in the hell is all the stainless steel?” While touring breweries, I’ve grown accustomed to following shiny piping, checking out new/stainless/etc. equipment, and looking at dubious ergonomic choices for the various pieces involved in producing wort/beer. Instead, What I saw was a room with scattered barrels and a single brite tank sitting in the middle of the relatively empty warehouse. This was definitely a different look from what I was used to, but it seemed like Troy knew what he was doing and I figured I would come back when there was beer.

Upslope Hop Slope Casey Brewing 3

At the 2016 Big Beers and Barleywines Festival in Vail, I found myself hanging out in the lobby of the Cascade Lodge, already reminiscing about the high octane tasting I just attended but enjoying a light pilsner even more. I ran into Troy and we decided it would be fun to collaborate on a beer to celebrate being from Glenwood Springs, or liking hockey, or because it sounded like a good idea after Big Beers. I was also extremely excited, as Casey Brewing and Blending had collected quite the reputation for their beers – like 2015’s “Best New Brewery.”


For the brewday, we had the entire Casey Brewing and Blending Crew at the Upslope Lee Hill brewery- Jack, Eric, John, and Troy. We settled on a very light grain bill- pilsner, vienna, and wheat with a touch of honey from Glenwood Springs. The grain bill was meant to provide a light, clean backbone to let the hops shine through. We spent much of the morning determining the hops we wanted to include in the beer – “game day decision” as I like to say. After rubbing pellets, sneezing on hop dust and discussing the finer characteristics of each hop (my new favorite description for Nelson Sauvin – “smells like clear gummy bears”), we settled on Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic, and El Dorado. All of these hops exhibit a distinctive, fruit driven aroma like apricot, white wine, mango, blueberry and pear. With a robust late-hopping schedule (just under 2lbs/bbl), we knocked out the wort and the Casey crew headed back to Glenwood to transfer the beer to their open topped puncheon fermentors.

Upslope Hop Slope Casey Brewing puncheon fermenter

Hop Slope is Almost Here!

Flash forward 6 months, the beer has matured in neutral oak barrels and is ready for the next step – an enormous dry hop. The Upslope brewing team assembled some of our favorite hops and a couple bottles of Casey Brewing and Blending’s East Bank Saison to discuss what elements would fit best with their mixed culture fermentation character. We loved the marriage of funk and fruit, and elected to go with two of our favorite hops from the Southern Hemisphere- Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy. Troy and his team received the hops and were able to do their own assessment in Glenwood Springs, and came to the same conclusion on the hop blend. Dry hopped at a rate of 3lbs/bbl, this beer blurs the lines of a farmhouse saison and ludicrously hopped American IPA.

We had a great time working with the Casey Brewing and Blending, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the process involved in a completely different approach to beer production. The beer is currently available at the Casey Brewing and Blending tasting room (purchase tickets ahead of time). Rumor has it, a case or two is destined for Boulder…”


Colorado Craft Beer Week 2017

CO Craft Beer Week Image

Come Celebrate Colorado Craft Beer Week at Upslope Brewing Company!

Colorado Craft Beer Week will be taking place from Saturday, March 18th to Saturday, March 25th this year. If you’ve never experienced it before, this is the perfect time for craft beer lovers to experience what makes Colorado the state of craft beer! Upslope will be featuring a different theme every single day of the week. The themes, created by the Colorado Brewers Guild, highlight the most important aspects of the Colorado brewing industry.

Check out each of our events listed below to see what Colorado Craft Beer week has to offer, then swing by the brewery to join us in raising a pint of hand crafted Colorado beer!

Colorado Craft Beer Week Events at Upslope!

↠ Saturday, March 18th – Tour our Brewery and Meet One of Our Certified Cicerone!

  • We’ll be hosting a guided tour at 3 pm at our Flatiron Park location with Upslope tap room staffer and Certified Cicerone, Joey Vella. (Our Lee Hill facility’s regularly scheduled tour will be at 4 pm)

↠ Sunday, March 19th – Tour Our Brewery

  • Join in on a tour at 3 pm at our Flatiron Park location

↠ Monday, March 20th – Craft Beer Education

  • Get your learn on with a FREE cellar tasting followed by a Q&A with Upslope’s Head Brewer, Sam Scruby, and Special Projects Brewer, Charlie Condon, from 5-6 pm at our Flatiron Park brewery

↠ Tuesday, March 21st – Food and Beer Pairings

  • Go sweet or savory (or both!) — Enjoy a Girl Scout Cookie + Beer Taster Pairing OR Cured Cheese + Beer Taster Pairing (available at both tap rooms)
    • 4 Cookie/Beer Pairings: $12
    • 4 Cheese/Beer Pairings: $15

↠ Wednesday, Mach 22nd – Colorado Pint Day

  • Buy a pint, take a sweet Colorado Pint Day glass from the Colorado Brewers Guild home with you! $1 from the beer purchase will go towards supporting the Colorado Brewers Guild and their mission.

  • Plus, get a very special sneak peak of our brand new Limited Release beer hitting shelves in April – our 2017 Experimetnal India Pale Ale ft. Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Lemondrop hops!

↠ Thursday, March 23rd – Tasting Thursday (We’re goin’ #TBT on this one!)

  • Back by popular demand, we’ll be busting out some cans from our Brewers’ Cellar to be consumed on site or to take home for a little Throwback Thursday action! Special release can include multiple entries from our signature Lee Hill Series, featuring some of the biggest and most robust beers we’ve ever produced.

↠ Friday, March 24th – Statewide Collab Fest Tailgate

  • Join in on this Statewide Tailgate that celebrates Collaboration Fest — Get a sneak peek of Upslope and Resolute Brewing Company‘s Collaboration Fest Beers, an Oaked Rye Dunkelweizen & Oaked Weizenbock!

↠ Saturday, March 25th – Collaboration Fest

  • Check us out at the Collaboration Fest!
  • Not able to make it? Join us at our Flatiron Park tap room for a unique taster flight featuring 5 of our past and present collaboration brews!

Keep up with us on Facebook page for more detail on each day’s festivities as we get closer to the event!

colorado craft beer week the state of craft beer

About the Colorado Brewers Guild

The Colorado Brewers Guild (CBG) is a non-profit trade association representing Colorado craft breweries and brewpubs. CBG is dedicated to the improvement of business conditions and is an advocate for its members. CBG sponsors a variety of beer events each year designed to increase the awareness and appreciation of Colorado-brewed beer. Board members include: Brad Lincoln (Funkwerks Brewing Company), Brian O’Connell (Renegade Brewing Company), Chris Wright (Pikes Peak Brewing Company), Eric Wallace (Left Hand Brewing Company), Kim Jordan (New Belgium Brewing Company), Kristen Muraro (Ska Brewing Company), Matt Cutter (Upslope Brewing Company), Tim Myers (Strange Brewing Company), Tony Simmons (Pagosa Springs Brewing and Grill), Wynne Odell (Odell Brewing Company).

↠ For more information about the Guild, visit

Strawberry Mint IPA- Our Newest Tap Room Series Beer

Upslope Strawberry Mint IPA

Strawberry Mint IPA

Upslope’s Newest Tap Room Series Beer

We’re excited to announce the newest installment in our Tap Room Series, the Strawberry Mint IPA! Inspired by strawberry gazpacho, a chilled European summer soup, this IPA offers crisp bitterness with a refreshing peppermint kick and some juicy, strawberry flavor. This unique fruited IPA is a great complement to the warmer spring season that’s almost upon us.

Upslope Tap Room Series

Upslope’s Tap Room Series is part of a rotating lineup of limited release 19.2-ounce cans that we package to give our fans a way to enjoy some of our most popular Tap Room exclusives outside of our brewery.

This signature beer features a subtle blend of peppermint and hops to offer a unique blend of floral and crisp herbal bitterness. That bitterness is balanced with the sweetness derived from the strawberries and the malt, giving this beer a refreshing character that doesn’t fit with the 7.5% ABV.

“We’re fortunate to present new brews to our fans nearly every month of the year. Whether through our seasonal Limited Release series, our Lee Hill Series or our Tap Room Series, there’s constantly a new, creative offering. This month, Upslope drinkers can enjoy a brewery favorite, the Imperial IPA, in a more approachable 12-ounce can as well as venture outside the box with our newest Tap Room Series Strawberry Mint IPA.”

                                                                                       – Henry Wood, Upslope’s Director of Sales and Marketing

Releasing at Both Locations on March 14th!


We’ll be releasing our  newest Tap Room Series, the Strawberry Mint IPA, this coming Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 in both of our tap rooms. This new IPA will be available both on draft and in 19.2-ounce bomber cans to go so it can join you on your spring-time adventures!

Peanut Butter Porter – First Tap Room Series Beer of 2017


Tap Room Series-Peanut Butter Porter can

Peanut Butter Porter

The Newest Tap Room Series Installment

It’s been an exciting new year, with the introduction of our Citra Pale Ale as a new year round canned beer and the return of our Belgian Style Pale Ale. But, we like to keep our fans on their toes, so we’re going to keep the releases coming this year. We’re happy to announce our first Tap Room Series beer of 2017, a Peanut Butter Porter!

 What is the Tap Room Series

For anyone unfamiliar with our Tap Room Series of beers, they run parallel to our Lee Hill Series and are released eight times a year. Rather than focusing on complex, barrel aged beers like our Lee Hill Series, the Tap Room Series highlights some of the favorites that we serve on draft at our Boulder tap rooms. These limited releases are brought back to both of our tap rooms, as well as canned in our signature topographic 19.2 oz bomber cans. We also brew them in larger batches, so these popular beers are available for a bit longer to give our fans a chance to try some crowd favorites.

 Upslope Peanut Butter Porter

Our new Peanut Butter Porter started out by slightly tweaking a tried and true Porter recipe that the staff loves for a new twist. The bold and dark malts used offer a rich sweetness and a touch of roastiness. The slight amount of hops accent the roasted flavors to balance the beer out. For the peanut butter flavor, we focused on a distinct roasted peanut taste to mingle with the sweetness of the Porter. The result is a robust peanut butter beer that is primarily a great porter, but with a sweet, nutty flavor, creamy texture and slightly salty finish. This reinvention of our Peanut Butter Porter is sure to be a hit with beer nerds… and anyone with sweet tooth!


While this beer has plenty going on, it clocks in at a sessionable 5.3% ABV and 30 IBUs. That way, it won’t slow you down on your winter adventures while its robust flavors will pair perfectly with the slopes or the lodge after!


Peanut Butter Porter Release

Join us at either tap room on Tuesday, February 14th for the release of our first Tap Room Series beer of 2017. Peanut Butter Porter will be available all day on tap or in 19.2 oz cans to go. We’ll see you there!

Upslope Belgian Style Pale Ale Returns

upslope belgian pale ale adventure spring seasonal

Upslope Belgian Style Pale Ale Limited Release Cans Are Back!

It’s that time of the year again, Upslope Limited Release fan favorite Belgian Style Pale Ale is on the horizon!

Our Belgian Style Pale Ale, formerly a Great American Beer Festival Gold medal winner known as “Time of the Season” in the Pro-Am Category in 2009, is back again for another year – this time arriving a bit earlier on the scene to bridge the gap between winter and spring.

About Upslope Belgian Style Pale Ale

This bold Belgian Style Pale Ale features a honey-gold color with a perfectly clear body and aromas of cloves, banana and apricot. The malt character and yeast esters drive the flavors of this Belgian style ale, with coriander adding a unique flare. The spice and clove accents meld perfectly with the fruity esters and malt sweetness to make this brew perfectly appealing either in the midst of a Colorado snow storm or in the warm Spring sunshine.

upslope belgian style pale ale 6 pack

Upslope Belgian Style Pale Ale weighs in at 7.5% ABV to warm you up on your winter adventures and only 30 IBUs as the hops take a back seat in this beer.


We’ve already had plenty of enthusiasts in our tap rooms asking about our Belgian Style Pale Ale, and longtime fans be surprised by our earlier release date than in previous years. We are making some adjustments to our seasonal canned beer schedule this year for a few reasons, the largest being the addition of another canned seasonal beer to the rotation. More news on that release coming soon! Additionally, we get so many requests for the Belgian Style Pale Ale every winter that it only made sense to release it a little earlier this year.

Available on Tap and in Cans February 7th!

Upslope Belgian Style Pale Ale will be available on tap and in cans in both of our tap rooms on Tuesday, February 7, 2017. It’ll also be hitting store shelves anywhere where Upslope is sold in the coming weeks, too.


If you’ve never tried it, Upslope Belgian Style Pale Ale makes a mean beer-mosa for breakfast beer drinking. Be on the lookout for experimental fruited versions of this beer in both tap rooms coming soon.

We Proudly Announce NEW Citra Pale Ale

Citra Pale Ale: New Year, New Beer

Over eight years ago, Upslope Brewing was founded and we introduced our first offering, Upslope Pale Ale, to the craft beer-loving community of Boulder, Colorado. Now, after years of growth and development and with two brewing facilities, we deliver our hand-crafted, canned beers to seven states. We proudly maintain a spirit of innovation and experimentation at our original location, Lee Hill, which has transformed into the essence of a brewer’s playground. This commitment to celebrating creativity and exploring new styles has led to the evolution of Upslope’s first and flagship brew. Officially beginning on February 1, 2017, Upslope Citra Pale Ale will replace our original Pale Ale in the year-round lineup and will be available in 12-ounce six-packs, twelve-packs, Mix Boxes, and permanently on draft in both of our tap rooms.

For several years, our brewers have worked on perfecting the Citra Pale Ale recipe. It has previously been released as an installment in our Upslope Tap Room Series, and quickly became a customer and staff favorite in our tap rooms. The proven popularity of this beer with its distinct juicy hop character delivered by the Citra hops has led to this evolution and the beer ultimately finding its way into a year-round can. We are proud to now be canning and selling our Citra Pale Ale anywhere you can find Upslope beers, including CO, NM, UT, AZ, TX, WY and MT.

“The decision to retire the one that started it all and introduce a new style to our lineup in its place comes from our dedication to experimentation and creativity. This beer represents our best foot forward and the spirit of what happens when we continue to hone our craft, keep our sights on the future and listen to what our fans want.”

                                                        – Matt Cutter, Upslope Founder

upslope citra pale ale palegatng release announcement

About Citra Pale Ale

The Citra Pale Ale is an American style pale ale which prominently features Citra hops, delivering pungent grapefruit and tropical fruit aromas with a semi-dry finish. Juicy, floral notes imparted by the hops pair with the light malt character to balance out. Like its predecessor, the Citra Pale Ale comes in at an easy 5.8% ABV and will soon be the new “go-to” beer for your next adventure.

Get Some!

Fans looking to be the first to try the Citra Pale Ale in the new cans should join us for our upcoming release events – check out the schedule below and find an event near you!

Wednesday, January 25

  • DENVER, CO:    Sneak Preview Party at Hops and Pie (5:00 pm) for their $2 Craft Can Night!

Thursday, January 26

  • DENVER, CO:    Upslope Citra Pale Ale SIA After Party at the Hyatt Regency (6:00 pm-2:00 am)
    • After the SIA Snow Show, meet us across the street at the Hyatt Regency’s Strata Bar for Citra Pale Ale cans all night long (Craft Lager & Oatmeal Stout will also be available)

Friday, January 27

    • Rocky Mountain Underground (on tap)
    • Downstairs at Eric’s (on tap)
    • Empire Burger (on tap)
    • Flipside (on tap)
    • Apres (cans)
    • Gold Pan Saloon (cans; lookout for Citra Pale Ale to be their February “Can of the Month”)
  • COLORADO SPRINGS, CO:    Citra Pale Ale Pint Night at SuperNova
    • The Brick Oven (cans)
    • The Barley (on tap)
    • Four Points Lodge (at Steamboat Ski Resort) (on tap)
  • VAIL, CO:
    • Ale House (on tap)

Saturday, January 28

  • NEDERLAND,CO:    Citra Pale Ale tasting at Eldora Mountain Resort – Try it before you buy it! Cans available for sale

Thursday, February 2

  • ALBUQUERQUE, NM:    Upslope Citra Pale Ale’s New Mexico Release at Rock & Brews ABQ

Lee Hill Series Vol. 11 – Tequila Barrel Aged Barleywine

uplope lee hill tequila barrel aged barleywine

Lee Hill Series Vol. 11 – Tequila Barrel Aged Barleywine

For months now, Upslope’s brewers have patiently awaited this Añejo Tequila Barrel Aged Barleywine to reach its full potential. After 11 months, it’s finally ready for its debut as the first installment of the Lee Hill Series for 2017.

Not only is this the 11th volume of the Lee Hill Series, this Barleywine also marks our 500th batch of beer brewed at our main production facility. This beer was then aged in Dulce Vida Añejo tequila barrels at our Lee Hill barrel room to allow the flavors to properly mingle and develop into something truly special.

Dulce Vida Añejo Tequila Barrels

Our brewers monitor all of our aging beers while they’re in barrels to find when they hit their peak. It was a happy coincidence that the brew team found the 11th installment in the Lee Hill Series to be in its prime after 11 months. We’ve aged a few beers in Dulce Vida tequila barrels before, most notably our “El Presidente” Belgian Strong Ale formulated by the founder of the company, but these are no ordinary tequila barrels. Tequila Añejo is aged longer than typical tequila and is made in smaller batches. The extra time in barrels darkens the color of the spirit to a honey gold, and gives it a smoother and more complex flavor that features accents of vanilla and cinnamon with an aroma reminiscent of American Bourbon whiskey.

Dulce Vida Spirits ages their Añejo for up to 24 for months, until it perfectly reflects their image of a great sipping tequila. These barrels lend those same characteristics to our deep and robust American style Barleywine. The decadent caramel-rich malt in this beer fuse with the floral, rose-like accents of the tequila to create a remarkably unique combination of flavors. The oak and subtle American Bourbon flavors ensure that this beer will appeal to almost any fan of barrel aged beers, while the unique Añejo characteristics treat them to something unfamiliar. Generous alcohol warmth from this 14.6% ABV beer make it the perfect Colorado winter pick-me-up.

Release Party this Thursday, January 19th!

The release party for the Lee Hill Series Volume 11 Tequila Barrel Aged Barleywine is this Thursday, January 19th from 5:00-9:00 pm at our Lee Hill tap room. The Barleywine will be available on tap as well as in 19.2 oz cans to-go for $10 each (limit 6 per person) – the price will rise to $13 the following day provided they are still in stock.

Cheers! We’ll see you there!

Holiday Shopping at Upslope Brewing

winter beer upslope

Gifts and Gear from Upslope Brewing Co.

We’ve got a little something for everyone at the brewery this holiday season! From the trail to your home bar, we’ve got gear to outfit you or your favorite craft beer enthusiast this winter. We’ve also expanded our inventory this year, so we have plenty of new gifts – check out some of our favorites below and in our online store!

For the Trail…

upslope stainless steel water bottle

Upslope’s New Stainless Steel Water Bottles by Boulder-based EcoVessel

Upslope Beanies

We have Fleece-lined, Merino Wool and Pom Beanies for all your adventures



upslope winter buffs

Hit the slopes in style with our beer-inspired neck gaiters











For your Home Bar…

upslope craft lager glass

Check out our new Upslope Craft Lager-inspired  lager glasses



Our year-round, core beer styles in a 4-pack of can glassses



For the Crafty Lady…


Check out our new tanks tops!


Hand made beer can bracelets


For Everyday…

upslope new tees t-shirts

New T-Shirt colors and designs


The Classic Upslope Hoodie

Fan Favorite Upslope Hats!







Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials!

Keep an eye out on our online store and social media sites for holiday specials and sales for Cyber Monday!

Upslope Tap Room Series: Yirgacheffe Coffee Dubbel


A New Take on Coffee Beer

The next volume of our Upslope Tap Room Series is a different take on a classic craft beer style,  as well as a tribute to a relationship that’s been brewing since we were first established. The Yirgacheffe Coffee Dubbel is a departure from a typical coffee beer, most of which are dark stouts or similar styles commonly known for roasted character. While our Coffee Dubbel does put the characteristics of the Dragonfly Coffee Roasters’ beans front and center, it is focused on the uncommon and truly exquisite aspects of this beans. Let’s get into it.

This Belgian is a departure from a typical coffee beer. For example, our Ozo Coffee Brown Ale at the Flatiron Park location showcases the more common aspects of the style beer with a sweet and roasty iced coffee flavor. This Tap Room Series beer is a collaboration with our original coffee roaster neighbor, Dragonfly Coffee Roasters on Lee Hill in North Boulder.

The Coffee Beans

While usually coffee beers focus on the roasted and earthy flavors of the beans, these Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans just have so much more to offer. We had to take a new approach. Yirgacheffe beans are known for their complex, fruit forward flavors. Processed at the well-known Idido Cooperative, the Yirgachefffe region of Ethiopia is famous for producing uniquely floral and fruity varieties of  Arabica coffee strains. This particular bean features a distinctly musky and floral blueberry flavor, subtle citrus-like acidity, and a dry, cacao flavored finish. The earthiness and roasted flavors are still there, but there’s so much more to appreciate with these beans.

Upslope Yirgacheffe Coffee Dubbel

The Coffee Beer

Our newest Tap Room Series entry is a collaboration with our Lee Hill neighbors, the Dragonfly Coffee Roasters, to produce a uniquely Upslope coffee beer. We started by choosing these incredibly characterful beans as a base for innovation. The style we landed on to best set off the multitude of aspects of these Yirgacheffe beans is a rich Belgian Dubbel.

The sweet, bubblegum flavors resulting from the Belgian yeast used mesh synergistically with the blueberry flavors of the beans to produce a distinct, but not overwhelming, fruity flavor not typical of either style. The flavors include hints of blueberries, plums, and cotton candy, while the earthiness of the beans bring it back down to a worldly level. The dry, cacao finish mingles with the big, Belgian Dubbel‘s body to produce a deep and satisfying conclusion to the experience.

This beer is sure to challenge any preconceived notions you have about what a typical coffee beer is like.

The Release Party

Upslope’s Tap Room Series Yirgacheffe Coffee Dubbel will be released on Thursday, November 17th at 5pm at our North Boulder location on Lee Hill Rd. This beer weighs in at 7.4% abv and 28 IBUs. We’ll see you there!

Upslope’s 8th Anniversary Party!

Upslope Brewing 8th Anniversary Party

Come Celebrate 8 Years of Beer

Upslope Brewing Company is poised for our 8th Anniversary Party, celebrating 8 years of sharing our passion for great beer with friends, family, enthusiasts and the community surrounding craft beer. We’ll be going all out for our 8th Anniversary Party, as is expected, and we’ll have over 50 of our beers on tap to share with our fans, along with a variety of food trucks and live music.

This Saturday, November 5th!

The party will be this coming Saturday, November 5th, at our Flatiron Park location, from 2:00-8:00pm. Admission is free and beer tickets will be for sale on premise. We’ll also be hosting a weekend kickoff party at our Lee Hill location on Friday the 4th from 5:00-9:00pm with a selection a rare beers to share.

“Another year down and another reason to celebrate our awesome fans who have helped us get this far” said Matt Cutter, Upslope Brewing Co.’s founder. “We look forward to this time of year- when we can raise a toast to our team, as well as the loyal community of craft beer drinkers, while also getting excited about new beers and innovation for the coming year.”

Needless to say, we’re ready to party on the heels of our recent Great American Beer Festival medal last month for our classic Upslope Brown Ale.

Over 50 Beers on Tap Throughout the Day

We’ll have over 50 beers on tap throughout the day, including everything from limited released, cellar aged beers, collaboration brews, specialty small batch beers, and the return of our Citra Pale Ale. We’ll also have a special 8th Anniversary beer, an Imperial Saison aged in Pinot Noir barrels.

Upslope 8th Anniversary Party Beer

Food Trucks On-Site

In addition to a huge selection of our finest brews, we’ll have some awesome food trucks on site. We’ll have Rollin’ Bones Barbeque, Sancho’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant, Rocky Mountain Slices, and Schnib’s Pretzels.

Upslope 8th Anniversary Party Food Trucks

Live Music

Nothing pairs better with great beer and food than live music, and we’ve got a great lineup to commemorate the occasion. We’ll be hosting performances by Coambient, Reckon, Guerilla Fanfare, and The Pamlico Sound.

Come out and celebrate our 8th Anniversary and the culture of craft beer with Upslope Brewing Co. on Saturday November 5th. We wouldn’t be anywhere without the incredible craft beer community that surrounds us, and breaking out some amazing beer is the best way we could think of to thank all of you!

Check out the Facebook event for more details. Our Flatiron Park Tap Room is located at 1898 S. Flatiron Ct in Boulder, CO. This is a 21 years of age plus event, though kids are welcome with their parent or legal guardian.

The Full Beer List

For anyone that’s curious enough to look, here’s a full list of the beers we’ll be tapping at our 8th Anniversary Party:

  •                   – 2011 Barleywine (14.9%) << TAPPING @ 5 PM
  •                   – 2013 Barleywine (14.5%)
  •                   – 2012 Barleywine (14.2%)
  •                   – Lee Hill Series Volume 5: Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale (12.8%)
  •                   – Whiskey Barrel Aged Pumpkin Barleywine (11.6%)
  •                   – Belgian Dark Strong Aged in Dulce Vida Tequila Barrels (11.3%) << TAPPING @ 5 PM
  •                   – 2015 Barleywine (10.6%)
  •                   – Lee Hill Series Volume 4: Barrel Aged Manhattan Rye Ale (10.4%)
  •                   – Whisky Barrel Aged Scotch Ale (Spirit Hound Collaboration) (10%) << TAPPING @ 5 PM
  •                   – Lee Hill Series Volume 3: Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (10%)
  •                   – Imperial IPA (10%)
  •                   – Lee Hill Series Volume 6: Wild Christmas Ale (9.2%)
  •                   – Belgian Tripel (GABF Pro-Am) (9.1%)
  •                   – Lee Hill Series Volume 7: Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout (9.1%)
  •                   – Lee Hill Series Volume 9: Barrel Aged Doppelbock (9%)
  •                   – Imperial Coffee Brown Ale (8.9%)
  •                   – 8th Anniversary Ale: Imperial Saison Aged in Pinot Noir Barrels (8.6%)
  •                   – Barrel Aged Old Ale (8.5%)
  •                   – 2015 Old Ale (8.5%)
  •                   – 2016 Old Ale (8.5%)
  •                   – Belgian Tripel w/ Coffee (8.3%)
  •                   – Lee Hill Series Volume 8: Dry-Hopped Wild Ale (8%)
  •                   – 2014 Sour Belgian Style Pale Ale (8%) << TAPPING @ 5 PM
  •                   – Pumpkin Ale (7.7%)
  •                   – Oud Bruin (7.6%)
  •                   – Belgian Style Pale Ale (7.5%)
  •                   – India Pale Ale (7.2%)
  •                   – India Pale Ale w/ French Oak & French Vanilla (7.2%)
  •                   – Fresh Hop IPA (7%)
  •                   – Lee Hill Series Volume 2: Wild Saison (6.8%)
  •                   – Brown Ale (6.7%)
  •                   – Brown Ale w/ Dulce de Leche (6.7%)
  •                   – Brown Ale w/ Eggnog Spices (6.7%)
  •                   – Altbier (6.7%)
  •                   – Black IPA w/ Long Pepper (Freshcraft Collaboration) (6.3%)
  •                   – Blood Orange Saison (6%)
  •                   – Pale Ale (5.8%)
  •                   – Citra Pale Ale (5.8%)
  •                   – Experimental IPA #5 (5.7%)
  •                   – Dry-Hopped Saison w/ Honey (5.5%)
  •                   – Cherrywood Saison (5.4%)
  •                   – Craft Lager (4.8%)
  •                   – Craft Lager Dry-Hopped w/ Saaz (4.8%)
  •                   – Craft Lager Dry-Hopped w/ Nelson Sauvin (4.8%)
  •                   – Craft Lager w/ Carrot, Ginger, Citrus, & Spices (4.8%)
  •                   – Mexican Chocolate Milk Stout (4.8%)
  •                   – Zwickel Pilsner (4.7%)
  •                   – Southern Hemisphere Pale Ale (Falling Rock Collaboration) (4.6%)
  •                   – Belgian Wit (4.4%)
  •                   – Dry-Hopped Red Ale (4.2%)
  •                   – Belgian Blonde Ale w/ Guava (4%)
  •                   – Dry-Hopped Belgian Blonde Ale w/ Guava (4%)
  •                   – Gose (3.9%)
  •                   – Table Beer (Hops & Pie Collaboration) (3.6%)
  •                   – S.M.A.S.H. 100% Rye malt & Centennial hops (2.8%)

Celebrate Great American Beer Festival Week with Upslope!

great american beer festival gabf 2016 logo

GABF 2016 Schedule of Events

It’s that time of the year again, the 2016 Great American Beer Festival is only days away! We have a ton of events going on to celebrate the most wonderful week of the year, both in Denver and at our breweries in Boulder, so be sure to come party with us!

Here’s the run down: scroll to the bottom for images of both schedules that you can download for quick reference


Photo © Brewers Association

↠  Upslope’s Denver Events  ↞

Monday, 10/3

  • Cheba Hut  (All Day!) – All Colorado GABF Launch Party – Our Brown Ale and Belgian Tripel will be on tap
  • Falling Rock Tap House  (5:00-9:00 pm) – The Countdown to GABF with a Falling Rock and Upslope Collaboration Beer, a Southern Hemisphere Pale Ale

Tuesday, 10/4

  • Paramount Café  (5:00-8:00 pm) – Beer Festival featuring Upslope Cans
  • Star Bar  (9:00 pm) – Brewers’ Karaoke with our Oud Bruin on tap

Wednesday, 10/5

  • Freshcraft  (7:00 pm) – Upslope Tap Takeover featuring our Black IPA with Long Pepper, Tequilla Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Ale, Citra Pale Ale, Whiskey Barrel Pumpkin Barleywine, and of course, Craft Lager!

Thursday, 10/6

  • Hyatt Regency Peaks Lounge on the 27th floor  (9:30 pm-2:00 am) – The Upslope View of Denver After Party
    • Join the whole Upslope crew to celebrate the first night of GABF with brews and views!

Friday, 10/7

  • Cheba Hut  (Noon to 2:00 pm) – A Brewers’ Lunch featuring our Patersbier with Rosemary and Sage
  • Hyatt Regency Strata Bar  (4:00 pm-Close) – Tap Takeover on the main floor with Upslope, Bristol and Left Hand Brewing featuring our Experimental IPA, Citra Pale Ale, and the Craft Lager

Saturday, 10/8

  • Hops and Pie  (Noon-Close) – Tap Takeover featuring our Zwickel Pilsner, Whiskey Pumpkinwine, Belgian Quadrupel, Belgian Tripel, and our Collaboration Table Beer made with their dough yeast! Cans of Barrel Aged Doppelbock, Craft Lager and Brown Ale will also be available!
  • Star Bar  (Noon-6:00 pm) – Star Bar Carnival featuring our Mosaic IPA and Zwickel Pilsner


If that wasn’t enough for you, we also have events going on every day in our tap rooms! We’ll have brewery tours (Thursday-Saturday at 4 pm at our Flatiron Park tap room), special GABF tappings, food trucks, live music, and limited release cans on sale from our Brewers’ Cellar!

Upslope Tap Room

Photo by Brewer Nate Luebbe

↠  Boulder Tap Room Schedule  ↞

Monday 10/3

Flatiron Park and Lee Hill Tap Rooms

  • Manhattan style Rye Ale will be on tap and in cans (19.2 oz) for sale
  • The Falling Rock Collaboration Southern Hemisphere Pale Ale will be on tap!

Tuesday 10/4

Flatiron Park and Lee Hill Tap Rooms

  • Fresh Hop IPA on tap – if you missed our Backcountry Tap Room, we’ll have our newest Tap Room Series beer on tap and in cans (19.2 oz)

Wednesday 10/5

Flatiron Park and Lee Hill Tap Rooms

  • Barleywine with Pumkin – our Whiskey Barrel Aged Pumpkin Barley will finally be on tap at both tap rooms!
  • Hops & Pie Collaboration Table Beer – A Table Beer collaboration using Hops & Pie’s house dough yeast will be on tap!
  • Only at Flatiron Park: a Special Founder’s Tour with the owner, Matt Cutter, at 4 pm

Thursday 10/6

Flatiron Park and Lee Hill Tap Rooms

  • Throwback Thursday – Cellared beer in cans for on-site and to-go consumption will be available Thursday only!

Friday 10/7

Flatiron Park

  • Firkin Friday with a Jalapeno Craft Lager style firkin made with Colorado Hatch Green Chiles!

Saturday 10/8

Flatiron Park and Lee Hill Tap Rooms

  • Sour Saturday – Dry-Hopped Wild Ale, Wild Christmas, Oud Bruin, and Wild Saison will be available on tap!

Get psyched for GABF week – we definitely are! This is the biggest week in Colorado craft beer, so come join us at our Tap Rooms or in Denver to commemorate another great year in the world of craft beer!

*Please wear closed toed shoes for the tours


Download a schedule on your phone and take it with you:


Upslope GABF 2016 Denver Events


The 2nd Annual Backcountry Tap Room

Upslope Backcountry tap room is back

Join us for another Upslope Backcountry Tap Room!

Mark your calendars – we’re excited to announce the return of our Backcountry Tap Room! Upslope’s 2nd Backcountry Tap Room will be held on October 1st, 2016 at Vance’s Cabin.

The Upslope team is on its way to the trailhead once again to host a pop-up tap room in the backcountry, because good beer in the great outdoors just tastes better.  Vance’s Cabin is located in the Red Cliff area Leadville, CO just up the Ski Cooper trail. We’ll have more details in regards to directions available shortly, so stay tuned on our Facebook event page.

Upslope backcountry taproom event free beer

Our Exclusive Release of the Fresh Hop IPA

As part of our Backcountry Tap Room festivities, we’re excited to announce the release of our limited edition Fresh Hop IPA, perfect for sippin’ while you take in the fall views. This IPA is the newest member of our exclusive Tap Room Series and will be available to the public for the first time at our Backcountry Tap Room, so get excited for a release party at just under 11,000 ft!

This IPA was brewed in the spirit of the event with a recipe that includes 400 pounds of fresh Cascade and Nugget hops grown right here in Colorado. The cone hops went straight from the farm to our brewhouse and were in the boil mere hours later. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

upslope backcountry tap room 2016

Join the Party at the 2016 Backcountry Tap Room

Vance’s Cabin is accessible by way of a 3.1 mile hike up the Ski Cooper trail. This is a family friendly event, but a valid ID will be required to partake in enjoying the free beer. All attendees who bring a valid ID will get a complementary 19.2 oz can of our limited edition Fresh Hop IPA as well as up to two more 12 oz cans of any of our year round styles, because free beer tastes better if you worked a little for it. Get ready to enjoy some good beer that pairs perfectly with the great views of a fall day on the front range at 10,980 ft!

upslope backcountry tap room 2016 colorado

Photo courtesy of Lauren Bond

Not only that, we’ll have games and grills going, so bring up some more of your favorite games to add to the party and some grub to cook up. Feel free to bring along your four-legged friends as well, but please keep them on leash.

Get excited to join the Upslope crew on the trail on 10.1.16! The event will be going from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm.

For more information and the most up to date info, check out our Facebook event page.

See ya on the trail!

Lee Hill Series Vol. 9 – Barrel Aged Doppelbock Release Party

Barrel aged doppelbock lee hill series upslope brewing

Lee Hill Series Vol. 9 Release Party

Upslope Brewing Co. is proud to share the 9th volume of our Lee Hill Series of beers with the world, our Barrel Aged Doppelbock! Of course, we’ll be releasing it right with a party at our original Lee Hill location in North Boulder on Thursday, September 8th from 5-9 pm! 19.2 ounce “bomber” cans will be available for $10 with the price increasing to $13 the next day, so get ’em while they’re fresh!

Inspired by the roots of the style, our Barrel Aged Doppelbock is a classic example of a traditional European beer with an American twist. We honored the style’s tradition by using only premium German malts and Bock yeast, but then we aged the lager for 5 months in 3 different barrel types and blended it back together. The result is a deep and complex lager that we cannot wait to share with you!

upslope barel aged doppelbock release party

A Little History on Bock Beers

Bock beers originated in German monasteries during medieval times. Bocks were brewed so that they would have a stronger beer for sustenance during times of fasting. Beyond that, the history of the style is relatively unknown, although it is widely speculated that the name was derived from shortening the name of Einbeck in Germany into simply bock.

“Doppel” being added to it simply takes the same meaning as a double. The doppelbock accentuates everything about the style to a new level to best showcase what makes it unique. The style also may have been the beginning of the phrase “liquid bread,” as it was breads for sustenance and is known for a crisp, toasty and bready malt character.

Our Upslope Barrel Aged Doppelbockupslope lee hill series barrel aged doppelbock can

Our new Lee Hill Series beer showcases the style’s history with a hearty dose of American ingenuity. The Barrel Aged Doppelbock features a rich toasted bread flavor and a reserved malty sweetness to not overpower the delicate balance.

The barrels used were half Maryland Style Rye Whiskey, with the remainder almost evenly split between Anejo Tequila and American Whiskey barrels, slightly favoring the tequila. The dark malts used in this brew give it a rich, copper color. The flavor accents imparted by the barrel aging and extended lagering process smooth out the flavor of this 9.0% abv lager.

The resulting beer is a cellar worthy classic with notes of vanilla, agave, and spiced pecans with a big malty body featuring dark fruit, raisin, and nutty flavors. Join us at the Lee Hill Upslope in North Boulder on Thursday, September 8th from 5-9 pm where we’ll have it on tap as well as in cans to go. See you then!

Upslope Brewing & the REEL ROCK Film Tour Do it Again!

Upslope and REEL ROCK have teamed up for another year on a collaboration brew to blend our passion for vertical adventure and great beer into an 11th anniversary collaboration brew – an Experimental Hop IPA!

reel rock (11) beer release


For 11 years running, the REEL ROCK Film Tour has showcased the best rock climbing films in the world, and 2016 is no different. We’re excited to announce that for the second time, REEL ROCK is collaborating with Upslope to bring out a limited release beer to commemorate the beginning of their world tour. REEL ROCK will be making over 450 stops around the world, and we’re honored to help them get the tour started off right with an awesome India Pale Ale collaboration brew.

Upslope Brewing and REEL ROCK’s Collaboration Beer

reel-rock 11 2016 upslope experimental hop ipa

Upslope Experimental Hop IPA with Idaho #7 Hops

The Upslope and REEL ROCK Experimental Hop IPA will be available starting today with a release party kicking off at 5:00 pm at our Flatiron Park tap room! The brand new, limited release IPA will be available on draft in both Upslope tap rooms as well as in adventure-ready 19.2-ounce cans. This IPA is a showcase for a brand new hop variety, simply known as Idaho Experimental Hop #7.

With more than 3 pounds of the hop in every barrel that we brewed, you’re sure to get a good idea of why these hops are so special. The light malt character of the beer allows the hops to show through with their pungent aroma and flavor notes such as peach, apricot, and a fresh leaf tea-like characteristic.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the REEL ROCK Film Tour once again,” says Henry Wood, Upslope’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “It’s exciting to produce a limited release beer that coincides with inspiring events within the outdoor community and with a project that pairs so perfectly Upslope’s brand ethos.”


The REEL ROCK 2016 Films

The 2016 REEL ROCK Film Tour will feature five new climbing films, all of which showcase some of the most talented and storied climbers in the world. Young Guns explores the adventures of two of the sport’s youngest and most exciting up-and-comers, Ashima Shiraishi and Kai Lightner. Bugs in the Boys follows two of the best crack climbers in the game, Will Stanhope and Matt Segal. The film Brette spotlights Brette Harrington and her climbing exploits around the world. Rad Dad stars Mike Libecki as he strives to accomplish a series of first ascents. Finally, Dodo’s Delight trails Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, Ben Ditto, and Nico and Oliver Favresse as they adventure across the Arctic Circle and strike at previously unclimbed walls.


The Upslope and REEL ROCK Release Party 2016


Reel Rock beer

Of course Upslope will be throwing a party to get the REEL ROCK Tour started right at our Flatiron Park tap room from 5:00 pm- 9:00 pm today, August the 23rd, 2016. The first 25 attendees after 5:00 pm will score a pint for FREE – just find the REEL ROCK rep under the Upslope teardrop flag and say the word “Everest” to the REEL ROCK rep and enjoy an Experimental Hop IPA on us!

We’ll also be hosting a raffle (free ticket with the purchase of a pint or can) with sweet prizes from our friends at  Skratch Labs, NiteIze, Healthy Skoop, Alpine Start Foods, Moosejaw Mountaineering, Boulder Adventure Lodge, Boulder Rock Club, Crimp Chimps, and SENDER Films if the awesome beer isn’t enough for you!

Come on down for a great time featuring awesome beer and great prizes! RSVP for the event here and we’ll see you there!

Enter to win Railroad Earth tickets!

We teamed up with Railroad Earth and Lyft for a sweet contest to win tickets to Railroad Earth’s upcoming shows – Red Rocks on Sept. 16th and  Boulder Theater on Sept. 17th!

4 lucky winners will get a pair of 2-day passes + free Lyft rides to and from the shows! Enter ↡ for your chance to win (winners will be announced on Monday, September 12th).

Already have tickets to the show? Our friends at Lyft are offering $10 off 2 rides to help you get to and from Railroad Earth all weekend with code: RAILROADEARTH (


Celebrate National IPA Day 2016 with Upslope Brewing Company!

Upslope Brewing IPA Day 2016

Upslope IPA Day Flight 2016!

IPA Day with Upslope in Boulder

Today, August 4th, 2016, is officially IPA Day in the national craft beer world. It’s only fitting that the most popular style of craft beer in the States receives such an honor, so we wanted to put on a little party to celebrate the occasion.  We’ll be serving up India Pale Ale flights all day so come thirsty hop heads! Don’t forget the best part,  we still have a few kegs of our fantastic Mosaic IPA left on draft!

Upslope IPA Day Flights

Upslope National IPA Day

The Mosaic IPA might be the star of the flight, but there aren’t any slouches in this lineup. Start off with a 4oz. pour of our original Upslope IPA. It’s a departure from the more common hop bomb IPAs out there today due to its rich copper color and deep, malty backbone. Make no mistake though, our IPA still offers the complex and refreshing hop bitterness that IPA enthusiasts crave.

Upslope Thai IPANext up is our Thai Style White IPA, a light and crisp non-traditional IPA that’s become a summer staple at our brewery. This one isn’t as focused on the hop character as the rest of the lineup, but that’s what makes it so approachable and well loved. Alongside the summery citrus hops, we’ve added Thai basil, lemongrass, coriander and ginger. To cement its unique crispness, this IPA is also fermented with Belgian Wit yeast, which adds a distinctive clove flavor and makes it a little lighter on the palate than your typical American IPA. At 6.5% abv, it’s ready for any summer adventure or cookout and won’t weigh you down.

Third, we have our fourth Experimental IPA, aptly named Experimental IPA #4. It’s a refreshing and resinous low gravity, west coast style IPA. Clocking in at 5.3% abv, it is definitely sessionable. In contrast to some west coast IPAs favoring citrusy hops, the simcoe, amarillo, and lemondrop hops combine for an aggressively bitter and resinous hop character with just a hint of citrus. The experiment has been successful so far as this has been the most popular Experimental IPA in the tap room.

Then we have the current crowd favorite, our Mosaic IPA. As the name suggests, this India Pale Ale was hopped exclusively with Mosaic hops, and the result is incredible. A crisp bitterness combines with a zesty grapefruit and tropical taste to make an amazing IPA. It’s a real crowd pleaser at 7.5% abv, not too strong, but not too small either. Unfortunately, we’ve already sold our stock of cans of this member of the Tap Room Series, but we’ve got a few kegs left to tap and growler fills are available until we run out!

Upslope Imperial IPA

Lastly, we’ll treat you to our original Imperial IPA. At 10% abv and 90 IBUS, you might think you already know what this beer is about, it might surprise you though. The huge bitterness is well balanced with a bold malt bill that gives it a brilliant golden color. Its complexity may make it the most balanced beer in the lineup, and a fitting way to finish off the flight.

The #IPADay Festivities Continue!

But the celebration doesn’t end with the flights! We’ll also be giving away fresh cans of our IPA in some sweet Upslope koozies to the first 100 people who tag us in a shared photo of the celebration on social media and use the #UpslopeIPADay tag! Show your post to any bartender to claim your prize!

Upslope Gold Rush Summer Contest

Summer’s here – time to explore the great outdoors and celebrate your adventures! To foster your summertime activities, and in celebration of the U.S. National Park Service centennial year, Upslope is giving away 100  prizes, including annual National Parks passes,  in a Golden Ticket-style scavenger hunt – the Upslope Gold Rush Summer Contest.

Upslope Gold Rush

Upslope Gold Rush Summer Campaign!


Upslope Gold Rush Contest PRIZESUpslope Gold Rush Summer Contest

  • 5 Grand Prize winners will receive a  YETI Hopper 20 soft-sided cooler, sunglasses from ZEAL  Optics, a Rab Microlight Jacket, Lowe Alpine Eclipse 25 Pack, and an annual National Park Service park pass.
  • 50 annual National Parks passes
  • 45 Upslope prize packs


Upslope Gold Rush Summer Contest - Mix Box

Keep your eyes peeled for gold cans in Upslope Mix Boxes for your chance to win!


You can also enter online (no purchase necessary) by clicking here  and entering your email address for a chance to win.

Know before you go – Upslope Get Down FAQ!

Upslope Get Down 2016


Here’s all the info you need to know for our the FREE Upslope Get Down music festival! Check out our FAQ, dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to have a great time! #upslopegetdown

Families are welcome at the Upslope Get Down (We’ll even have a free Kid’s Zone; 1-5 pm with a rock wall, face painting & more)! As this is an event at a brewery, however, all patrons 21 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

IDs will be checked at the Front Gate upon entry. No ID, no entry – no exceptions.

Event is rain or shine. There will be no refunds issued for unused beer tickets.

WHEN & WHERE is the event?      Saturday, May 21st from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm at our Flatiron Park brewery. Flatiron Park is located at 1898 S Flatiron Ct, Boulder, CO 80301. The fest is taking place in the back parking lot, brewery and tap room. Parking will be available in neighboring lots and on the street. Car pooling, biking and Uber/Lyft is encouraged.

How much does it cost?      The Upslope Get Down is a FREE event!

Does the event benefit a nonprofit?

Yes! Upslope is honored to partner with Colorado-based nonprofit organization, UpaDowna, a nonprofit providing access to outdoor adventures for all, as this year’s event beneficiary with a portion of profits from all beer ticket & VIP sales being donated to their cause!

What does the VIP ticket get me?      

The Moe’s Original BBQ VIP Tent perks:

  • Admission to VIP Tent presented by our friends at Moe’s Original BBQ
  • 1 food ticket for a meal provided by Moe’s Original BBQ
  • All you can drink at the private VIP bar (General Admission beer tickets are $5/each, YOU won’t have to worry about that!)
  • Premium viewing of Main Stage
  • Lounge seating
  • Rare beers exclusive to the VIP bar
  • Souvenir Upslope pint glass
  • Exclusive discount on ZEAL Optics sunglasses with unique discount code
  • Private restrooms

What bands are playing and when?      

Upslope Get Down Music Schedule

Will your tap rooms be open as usual that day?      Our Flatiron Park tap room will be open at the usual time of 11:00 am. We will only be serving our original core four styles  – no tasters. At 1:00 pm, when festival doors open, all guests in the tap room will be directed to enter at the festival’s Front Gate to get their event wristband.  Our Lee Hill tap room will open at the usual time of 2:00 pm, but will be closing early at 6:00 pm. Join us at the fest!

Where will I park?      We will have signage directing guests to a few neighboring lots to accommodate parking. There is also street parking around. We are expecting lots of guests, so carpooling and riding bikes is highly encouraged! Car pooling, biking and Uber/Lyft is encouraged.

Are dogs allowed?      Due to the nature and size of the event, dogs are not permitted. We love ‘em too, but please do not bring your four-legged friends or we will not be able to allow you to enter the festival. Service dogs will be permitted with proper paperwork only.

How will I buy beer?      There will be several beer stations throughout the event. These stations will accept BEER TICKETS ONLY. We will have multiple beer ticket stations at the fest where you can purchase these Beer Tickets by cash or credit card. 1 ticket = $5. All beers = 1 ticket.

What beers will you be serving?      We will be selling our original core four styles – Pale Ale, IPA, Brown Ale, & Craft Lager + spring Limited Release Belgian Style Pale Ale, summer Limited Release Thai Style White IPA & NEW can (Utah and tap room exclusive) Belgian Style Blonde brewed with Guava – in 16 oz compostable Eco-Products cups. There will be specialty beers available exclusively in the VIP area.

Will there be seating, or can I bring my camping chair?      Yes. There will be a chill zone under the KEEN Footwear tent provided by our friends at Colorado Ski Furniture + limited seating under a few shade tents, but feel free to bring your own camping chair with you.

Will there be ATMs?      Yes. Beer Ticket stations will also accept credit cards.

Is the fest ADA accessible?      Yes. The Upslope Get Down is an ADA accessible event space for both general admission and VIP patrons.

What steps are you taking to make this a green event?      All beer cups are 100% compostable thanks to Eco-Products. All food truck vendors are also required to use all compostable or recyclable materials. Eco-cycle will be on site with waste receptacles for compost, recycling, and trash. With our efforts, we are hoping to generate as little trash as possible.

What’s provided?

  • Potable water
  • Portable toilets
  • Compost, Recycling & Trash stations: a chance for everyone to do their part!
  • Food trucks
  • Vendors
  • Limited shade & seating (Camping chairs are permitted!)
  • First Aid
  • an ATM
  • Security services
  • Great music to help you #getdown!

What’s not allowed?

  • No DOGS (Pets) – service dogs MUST have paperwork!
  • No GLASS
  • No UNLICENSED VENDING of any kind

For more questions, please call the tap room at (303) 396-1898. See Saturday, May 21st!

Celebrate American Craft Beer Week with Upslope!

American Craft Beer Week is in Full Swing at Upslope!

ACBW at Upslope

American Craft Beer Week is a national celebration of all things craft beer, and Upslope is proud to participate with events all week at our taprooms in Boulder, Colorado. American Craft Beer Week 2016 will be taking place this week, between May 16th and 22nd, across the U.S. We’re hosting parties and new tappings every single day! We’re going all out to cap off the week with our 3rd annual Upslope Get Down, a free music festival at our Flatiron Park location, to celebrate community, music and beer! #ACBW2016 #MakeSmallBeerBig


Here’s the rundown of what we have planned for American Craft Beer Week 2016:

↠ Monday (5/16)- Get Wild with 2015 Wild Christmas Ale 

We’ll be tapping limited quantity of our barrel soured and cellar aged 2015 Wild Christmas ale at both of our taprooms to kick the week off right. Get it while you can, this sour has a rabid following in our taproom and is sure to go fast.


↠ Tuesday (5/17)- #TuesdayTapping of our Lemondrop Kolsch, the newest Tap Room Series beer 

Enjoy the beautiful weather in Boulder with this crisp and flavorful Kolsch that stands out from the crowd. Mosaic and lemondrop hops give it a distinct and citrus-filled, crisp hop character. Ambrosia honey and spices like coriander and sage impart a unique and refreshing flavor that you’re sure to love. Stop in to try it on tap and let us know what you think. We’ll also have cans available so that you can take a few home to share!


↠ Wednesday (5/18)- Thai Style White IPA Summer Seasonal Release

Upslope Thai IPA

Another taproom favorite is back to pair perfectly with all of your adventures this summer! Our summer Limited Release Thai Style White IPA breaks the mold of what you might expect from an IPA. Premium malt and wheat fermented with traditional Belgian wit yeast provide the foundation of this ale, while Cascade, Columbus, and Galaxy hop flavors mix with a blend of 7 different Thai spices give it a refreshing taste like nothing else. We’ll be pouring pints in both taprooms and cans will be available to take with you.


↠ Thursday (5/19)- Throwback Thursday! Vintage Beers from our Cellar will be Available

Come in and get some of the most unique beers we’ve ever brewed as we make a limited quantity of our past Lee Hill Series and other releases available once again. Check out Ferus Fluxus, our sour Belgian Pale Ale collaboration with the Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project. We’ll have several volumes of our Lee Hill series greats like our Imperial Milk Stout, Wild Christmas, and our new Dry Hopped Wild Ale available in the taproom as well as cans to take with you. Get them while you can!


↠ Friday(5/20)- Firkin Friday!

Each location will have a completely unique firkin showcasing a new spin on one of our classic beers. At Flatiron Park, we’re having a new take on a blast from the past favorite. Jalapeño Lager is back, but this time it has been aged in a firkin rather than individual cans. The jalapeño perfectly complements the spice of the Czech Saaz hops in our crisp and refreshing Craft Lager. At our Lee Hill taproom, we’ve got an all new treat in store. To complement the re-release of our Thai IPA, we’ll have a firkin of toasted coconut and habanero pepper Thai IPA to enjoy.


↠ Saturday (5/21)- The 3rd Annual Upslope Get Down!

Upslope Get Down 2016

Join us for the 2016 Upslope Get Down, a free music festival celebrating local music, community and beer. We’ll have 13 bands on 3 stages, food trucks, games, live art, displays, and Upslope’s core beers on draft. Beer tickets will be available for $5 each and a portion of the proceeds will benefit UpaDowna, our partner organization for the event who is dedicated to providing access to outdoor adventures for all! Unleash your adventure.


↠ Sunday (5/22)- Work Off the Hangover with BeerMosas and Red Beer

Cool down after the big week with some refreshing brunch beers. We’ll be pouring beermosas, made with our award winning Belgian Style Pale Ale and orange juice, along with red beer made from our Craft Lager and tomato juice. What a way to nurse yourself back into shape after a huge American Craft Beer Week 2016!

We’re looking forward to celebrating these events Upslope-style with all of you, especially the week’s finale, the Upslope Get Down – come get down for a good time to help a great cause!

Upslope Sponsors Legendary Backcountry Ski Race: the Grand Traverse

Since 1998, the annual winter Grand Traverse has been bringing together elite, local and international backcountry ski athletes for the ultimate challenge. As a test of endurance and mental toughness, racers climb more than 7,800 vertical feet and navigate the backcountry in teams of two and are required to carry mandatory gear for safety. For the second year in a row Upslope was proud to be the craft beer sponsor providing much needed après adventure beers for the athletes as they crossed the finish line.

Typically, the Grand Traverse takes place over the Elk Mountains between Crested Butte and Aspen, CO. This year, for the 4th time in its history, dangerous weather conditions and avalanche danger caused the race organizers to call an audible and deem it the “Grand Reverse”, where teams turn around midway through and end the race where they began in Crested Butte. Upslope Co-Owner and Director of Sales and Marketing, Henry Wood, participated in this year’s Grand Reverse alongside Upslope sponsored athlete and friend, Fritz Moriarty. On the change in course from traverse to reverse, Henry notes, “I’m hearing conflicting reports as to the exact course stats but the most consistent numbers are 35 miles and 7,500 feet of climbing. 225 teams started the race and 168 completed the course.” That’s no easy feat. And while team Upslope was unable to complete the course last year in 2015 when Fritz’s ski binding disintegrated at mile 15, we’re proud to say they came back strong and completed the course successfully this time around.

Henry and Fritz with their finishing medals!

Henry and Fritz with their finishing medals!

“This has been a goal of mine since I first heard about the race 15 years ago,” Henry recalls, “It took a long time to convince one of my backcountry ski partners to spend the majority of their ski season training for an endurance race- much less two seasons! Fortunately, Fritz has an appetite for this sort of thing. Not completing the race in 2015 was devastating but we couldn’t leave it unfinished. While it feels great to have this monkey off our back, we still never made it to Aspen. We’ll be back to complete the real Traverse. It’s pretty amazing how fun suffering can be!” And of course, it helps to know there is beer at the end of the race.

Getting the celebration beer to reverse the finish line was also a challenge in the weather conditions. When the race director Andrew Arell made the last minute announcement that athletes would be racing to Crested Butte instead of Aspen, Upslope mountain sales rep Cole Karchner broke down equipment in Aspen, rallied and loaded up the beer and made the 4+ hour trek to Crested Butte which was quite the adventure in itself!

Upslope reps ready to hand out cans at the finish line!

Upslope reps ready to hand out cans at the finish line!

But the adventure is what this race is all about and Upslope is so proud to be a part of it. “This is the second year we’ve been the beer sponsor for the GORE-TEX Grand Traverse,” Henry notes, “They are great partners to work with. This race is a major ‘bucket list’ event for mountain athletes all over the world. The brand alignment and Grand Traverse participant demographic is spot on for Upslope.”

Grand Traverse winners standing on the Upslope can podium.

Grand Traverse winners standing on the Upslope can podium.

At Upslope, when we say #apreseverything, we mean anything- blizzards and epic ski races included! Congrats to the winners of this year’s Grand Reverse. We’ll be seeing you all again next year!

Photo Credit // Grand Traverse

Photo Credit // Grand Traverse

About the Grand Traverse //  The Grand Traverse is a series of legendary backcountry races over the Elk Mountains between the towns of Crested Butte and Aspen, CO. The event benefits Crested Butte Nordic and other non-profits.

The Winter Grand Traverse is a backcountry ski race that starts at midnight from Crested Butte. In this extreme endurance event, racers climb more than 7,800 vertical feet and navigate in a self-supported backcountry race that tests them physically and mentally. To maintain safety in the backcountry, racers compete in teams of two and are required to carry mandatory gear. Held annually since 1998, it’s earned a reputation as a true test of toughness for elite local, national and international athletes.

The Summer Grand Traverse which started in 2014 features a Mountain Bike and Running Race held over two days.

Upslope and Spirit Hound Release Barrel Aged Scottish Style Ale!

We’re excited to announce our newest barrel-aged  beer release in partnership with  Spirit Hound Distillers:

Scottish Style Ale

Upslope Spirit Hound Scottish Style Ale

On March 8th, we’ll be  releasing a small batch  Scottish Style Ale aged in the barrels that held Spirit Hound’s first batches of “flood-proof” Colorado whisky. The first kegs of this limited-release beer will be tapped at 5:00 p.m. at both of our tap rooms. The collaboration started long before the Scottish Style Ale began aging and is a testament to the brotherly-like community of the Colorado craft beer and liquor scene.

This past August, Spirit Hound Distillers released, and quickly sold out of, the first bottles of its long-awaited Straight Malt Whisky. Those bottles came from five 53-gallon oak barrels that were filled prior to the historic September 2013 floods that did severe damage to Lyons, Boulder County and other parts of Colorado.

The distiller’s wash that filled those barrels was brewed in August of 2013 by head Spirit Hound distiller Craig Englehorn at our Lee Hill brewery. We were able to  offer our equipment while Spirit Hound was awaiting the arrival of their  own brewhouse.

“I’ve known Upslope founder Matt Cutter for years,” recalls Wayne Anderson, the distillery’s Head of Sales. “So I asked him if we could brew on the Upslope system while we waited on our own. He and his team were eager to help and they let us come in on a series of Saturdays to brew. It was extremely gracious of them.”

Englehorn brewed five batches of distillers wash at Upslope. He trucked the wash to Spirit Hound where it was fermented, distilled and then placed in oak barrels for aging to become the company’s first Straight Malt Whisky. Two weeks later on September 12, 2013, the historic flood hit Lyons and shut down the distillery for six months.

In 2015, we filled those now-empty barrels with a special limited-run Upslope beer. “It’s a Scottish-style ale of around 8% ABV,” Englehorn says, “Made with a little peated malt. It’s a lot like our wash and it was aged in barrels #5 and #6.”

Upslope brewer Charlie Condon collaborated with Engelhorn and fellow distiller Steve Williams on the beer recipe.

“When presented with the opportunity to decide what to put in the barrels we had been given from Spirit Hound, I thought it was only right to design the beer after the original whiskey wash”, states Charlie, Lead Brewer at Upslope’s Lee Hill Tap Room. “I worked with the Spirit Hound team to craft a beer that is both deep and complicated and highlights some of the unique flavors of the whiskey.”

“We brewed the beer on the same system that we used to brew our whisky,” Englehorn notes. “So we’re completing a nice little circle with this beer and it’s pretty special. We would not have had any flood-proof whisky without Upslope’s very generous help.”

We’re super excited about this partnership and we hope you are able to attend our special tapping and sip some while you can!

WHAT // First tapping of our Scottish Style Ale

WHERE // Upslope Brewing Company (BOTH Flatiron Park and Lee Hill tap rooms)

WHEN // Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 5:00 pm


 For more events, check out the full Scottish Style Ale tapping lineup below & find a place near you:

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 — Backcountry Pizza & Tap House (5:30 pm)

Thursday, March 10, 2016 — Lyons Fork (5:30 pm)

Friday, March 11, 2016 — Falling Rock Tap House (5:30 pm)


Spirit HoundAbout Spirit Hound Distillers
Founded in 2012 by friends, Lyons residents and Boulder County businessmen Craig Engelhorn, Wayne Anderson, Matt Rooney, Neil Sullivan and Rick England, the group set out to put Lyons on the US distilling map with a range of small-batch spirits topped by a signature gin and a straight malt whisky. The Spirit Hound tasting room is a popular destination for lovers of distilled spirits and cocktails. Learn more at

Upslope and New Belgium Team Up to Brew Tropical Stout with Plantains

Here at Upslope, we love collaborating with friends from other breweries. So when we had the chance to brew up something tasty with the brew crew from New Belgium for Collaboration Fest, we invited them up to our experimental Lee Hill brewery and got down to business.



We decided to brew a tropical stout: a version of a foreign extra stout that is a bit sweeter without much bitterness. Tropical stouts are exceptionally smooth and often times have rum-like characteristics. Basically, they are delicious. And for this one, the brewers decided to compliment those flavors by adding in plantains.



Slicing up some plantains for the brew!




The brew crews  got down and dirty with the plantains, first peeling them and later roasting a whole bunch in the oven  with a rum-sugar glaze.

So how did the New Belgium and Upslope teams decide on what to brew?






Rum glazed plantains roasting away.

Upslope Head Brewer Sam Scruby says, “Ross Koenigs (Brewmaster at New Belgium) thought a coffee beer might be a good starting point and we looked at different regional varieties of coffee  (Turkish Coffee, Irish Coffee, Cuban Coffee). While on a trip in Chicago, Charlie Condon (Upslope’s Head of Barrel Aging and Special Projects) was introduced to Cuban coffee at a local Cuban restaurant and also had the opportunity to pair it with a fried plantain. After his experience, brewing a Cuban stout with plantains was decided on. Ross had the great idea to glaze the plantains with rum for added complexity and a Caribbean touch.”


The brewers doing a little post-brew can crushing.

The brewers doing a little post-brew can crushing.




When it comes to collaborating with other brewers, Sam jokingly offers a few general rules: “Show up late, drink lots of beer, leave early.” But our friends at New Belgium are a work hard, play hard kind of crew. “The New Belgium team  only followed rule #2. It was actually one of the best collaboration days I’ve experienced.” And it’s a good thing they all worked so hard, because this brew is set to be a pretty tasty one.





Since our brewers had so much fun making this beer, we decided to prolong the good times and throw a release party for it! Please join us in kicking off Colorado Craft Beer Week at our Flatiron Park tap room on Saturday, March 19th from 12-5pm. Hope to see you there!

Upslope Rocked the Ouray Ice Festival!

Ouray Ice Park - Nate Luebbe

Ouray Ice Park // Photo credit Nate Luebbe

Every year, the Ouray Ice Park hosts a huge fundraiser to benefit the park and get climbers of every level together from all over the world. It’s no secret the Upslope staffers enjoy getting after it in the great outdoors – that’s why Upslope is the official beer sponsor of the Ouray Ice Park and loves supporting this fest! We sent a few staffers out to Ouray to climb ice, have fun, and of course, share some delicious Upslope suds.

“I always love going down to Ouray!” says tap room staffer, Anthony. “The town and its people are great, not to mention the added benefit of having a world class ice park walking distance from town.”

The Upslope crew started their days early in the canyon and climbed until the afternoon. In the evenings, they got to pour beer for some awesome folks while listening to some of the best female alpinists share their experiences.


“I really enjoyed meeting people from around the world and having the opportunity to share an awesome beer with them,” Anthony continues, “It was awesome seeing some of the world’s best ice climbers and new, aspiring climbers from around the world in one place climbing hard and drinking Upslope.”



Upslope crew gettin’ after it! // Photo credit Anthony Orig


Former Upsloper, Lauren Wilson, crushing! // Photo credit Nate Luebbe


Ouray Ice Fest winner Ryan Vachon - Cole Karchner

2016 Ouray Ice Festival competition winner, Ryan Vachon, celebrating with an Upslope Oatmeal Stout

Ouray Ice Park


About Ouray Ice Park //  Each year a committed group of volunteers and staff unite to transform the beautiful Uncompahgre Gorge into an ice climbing mecca. Beginning in November, Ice Farmers spray water down the canyon walls of the Uncompahgre Gorge resulting in the creation of awe-inspiring walls of ice. With the utilization of overflow water from the City of Ouray and more than 150 sprinklers, the Ice Farmers diligently work to bring both adventure and tranquility to those seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Within a one mile span of the Uncompahgre Gorge the Ouray Ice Park contains over 200 manmade ice and mixed climbs, 14 distinct climbing areas, and three miles of vertical terrain. Since its inception more than two decades ago, the Ouray Ice Park has become a premier destination for climbers, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.

Upslope Joins Blackbelly for Taste: A Benefit for There With Care

Taste headline

Here at Upslope, we’ve always enjoyed collaborating with our neighbors be it a community coffee  shop or a local winery. That’s why when the idea came up to team up with Boulder-based farm-to-table restaurant, Blackbelly Market, and host a benefit for the Boulder chapter of nonprofit group, There With Care, we were super excited!

There With Care (TWC) has always been near and dear to our hearts at Upslope. They are on a mission  to provide a wide range of thoughtful and fundamental services to children and families during the critical phase of a medical crisis. Be it putting together and dropping off meals for families unable to leave the hospital, or making sure their driveway is shoveled when the family  is able to come home, TWC takes extra care  of the every day tasks  and even some of the little extras  that a family in crisis isn’t always able to do.

Upslope staffers have had the opportunity to volunteer on site with TWC, and we’ve been able to aid in fundraisers and other events benefiting this amazing organization. Now, for the first time, we’ll be hosting a benefit for TWC at our very own Flatiron Park tap room! And what better way to do it than with good eats from our friends just around the corner at Blackbelly?

We invite you to join us on Sunday, February 28th from 4:30-6:30   at our Flatiron Park tap room for smoked pork sliders paired with beers from yours truly, music from the Hop Pickers, and a raffle & silent auction! This one-of-a-kind community event is sure to be a ton of fun, so we hope to see you there.

Tickets are $50 and can be purchased  HERE

About There With Care //  TWCThere With Care’s mission is to provide a wide range of thoughtful and fundamental services to children and families during the critical phase of a medical crisis. We serve families referred by medical agencies, by building a network of services and people who ease the burden of life’s day-to-day obligations with compassion and care.



About Blackbelly //   blackbellyFounded by renowned Chef Hosea Rosenberg, it’s the mission of Blackbelly to not only know where the food comes from, but to serve our customers the very best product we can find. We began by raising our own livestock – pigs and lamb – to use in our kitchen. Next came the greenhouse where we grow our own supply of organic vegetables. If we can’t produce it ourselves, we supplement with the best local products. We’ve cultivated relationships with regional artisans and suppliers to secure the best products we can possibly find.


New Year, New You. Shower With an Upslope Brew!

When our friends at Dr. Squatch Soap Co. had the idea of teaming up for a soap and beer pairing to find the ultimate shower beer experience, we knew they were on to something. Offering an elevated experience compared to those college beer-in-the-shower days where you drank whatever was left from the previous evening’s party, we believe our beer and soap pairings will bring your shower game to a whole new level.

It’s a tough job, but someone had to do it. Here’s what the Dr. Squatch team had to say in their blog about the experience and the pairings we came up with together:

The Dr. Squatch team had the privilege to visit another kick-ass Colorado brewery to pair one of our soap scents with a truly unique and tasty shower beer.  This time we voyaged down to Upslope Brewing Co. in Boulder.


Let the pairing begin!

We were greeted by (marketing manager) Katie, our pairing guide for the evening, and immediately treated to a plethora of beer for our sipping pleasure.


Marketing Manager Katie testing out some samples.

The founders of Upslope have always had a deep desire to experience the outdoors and enable their customers to do the same without having to leave behind the beer.  They are extremely loyal to the ‘beer can’ (it’s all they use) which they are happy to inform you is better for the environment and your beer.  Their love for our Colorado playground of nature insinuates a desire to preserve it so they are constantly striving to leave less of a footprint throughout the brewing process.

From Upslope’s ‘Our Story‘, “Protecting our environment is key to Colorado. That’s why we craft our beer with conscience. From recapturing the water we use in the brewing process, to installing efficient, three-phase electricity, to delivering our lightweight cans in a natural gas-powered van, we are finding ways to reduce the impact of our brewery on the planet.”


Upslope Brewer Nate Luebbe // Photo cred: @nateluebbe

With no further adieu here is our Upslope Shower Beer Pairing

Imperial India Pale Ale: Larger then your average beer in both size and taste the Imperial will take you on a journey with every sip.  The initial taste is woodsy and vibrant, and from there it takes you on a journey through floral and citrus notes.  The finish leads you right back to the Pine flavor, furthering your excitement to explore the next 18.2* ounces of this beer.   We were in love at first sip.

*Warning: Drink two of these suckers and you may end up with your shirt off dancing on the table, it comes in a 19.2 ounce can.

From the description on Upslope’s website, “Each barrel is brewed using six pounds of a unique blend of hops to impart subtle flavors of pineapple and melon to the central hop notes of citrus and pine.”

Pine Tar: Any of our hard core Pine Tarites will tell you there is no alternative.  Loved for it’s vigor in exfoliation, woodsy scent and tough, black appearance it’s actually the subtlety of sweet orange oils mixed with that Pine that keeps guys coming back.

It was too perfect a fit not to make the connection between these two bold, larger then life, unapologetic favorites.


The camaraderie and energy of the employees at Upslope was inspiring.  No matter who you talk to there it’s quickly evident they are passionate about the company they work for and the beer they are putting out there. Big thanks to the Upslope team for letting us hang, we had an absolute blast!


Find your closest Upslope distributor here and pick yourself up an Imperial IPA for your shower today!

The Denver Post- Beer in Review 2015: Sam Scruby of Upslope Brewing

Our friends at The Denver Post interviewed Upslope’s head brewer, Sam Scruby about his perspective on the craft brewing industry in their latest installment of “Beer in Review 2015”. Here’s what they had to say:

sam headshot

Upslope head brewer Sam Scruby

As 2015 comes to a close, we’re once again asking leading figures on the Colorado beer scene to reflect on the past year and look ahead to next.

This next installment in our 5th annual Beer In Review features Upslope Brewing‘s head brewer Sam Scruby.

Upslope has been on a tear lately, producing limited-release interesting new beers to complement their five year-round beers, including an award-winning pumpkin beer, a recently released Christmas beer and a Thai-style white IPA.

Now, onto Sam’s picks:

Favorite beer of the year: I purchased more Modus Mandarina from Ska Brewing Co. than any other beer this year, I feel like this counts towards a favorite beer tally. I truly loved the deep and bright citrus notes followed by the assertive bitterness. I also was lucky enough to find a bottle of Dry Hopped Oak Theory from Casey Brewing and Blending and found it to be a truly superb flavor endeavor of pungent funk and juicy hops.

Colorado brewery of the year: Casey Brewing and Blending, so hot right now. Troy Casey is on fire and everyone knows it.

New Colorado brewery of the year: Call to Arms. They had, what appeared to be, an unrealistically high expectation for a new brewery and just went ahead and blew past all expectations. It was completely refreshing to walk into CTA and be greeted with a completely different aesthetic and take on brewing compared to so many newer breweries. I’m super excited to see what these guys have up their sleeves for 2016.

Colorado brewery to watch in 2016: The castle is built and equipment in place, and I am interested to see what Avery Brewing Co. has planned for 2016. With reports of truckloads of barrels arriving and a couple years of pent up production, I am expecting some big things from their new facility.

Most notable craft beer news or trend of 2015: Mergers and acquisitions. Firestone Walker, Lagunitas, Ballast Point — I would have never have thought those names would be included in this year’s round of big buy-outs.

Craft beer trend to watch for in 2016: Mergers and… nope, I won’t say it. How about fruit in everything? How many fruited IPAs will we see next year? What beer style have you never thought about including fruit in? Because it’s coming next year…

Upslope Celebrates 7 Years of Beer!

7th anni

It’s that time of year again – bundle up in your winter gear and come celebrate 7 Years of Beer with us!

Our Founder, Matt Cutter, wanted to say a few words to express his gratitude:

“During the past seven  years, we have been relentlessly pursuing the objective to brew the most refined and innovative lagers and ales that we could possibly produce, and responsibly  package them in the ever portable, ever recyclable, outdoor adventure-friendly aluminum can. Before we roll up our sleeves to tackle the next seven, we pause to celebrate, and offer sincere gratitude to  our friends and fans for supporting us the whole way.

I’ve heard it said that you can taste passion. I believe that I work with the most passionate people in the industry.  Please  join us for a taste on  November 14th.”


7th Anniversary Party Info

Join us on Saturday, November 14th (2-8 pm) at our  Flatiron Park   brewery to raise a glass (or a few…) to many more years of doin’ what we love!

Upslope 7th Anniversary Party

We’re taking over the parking lot and tossin’ up the garage doors to the brewery space to make room for the party. Get ready for beer bust-outs, yard games, live music and food trucks galore!

BEER //  40+ beers on tap! (Get ’em while you can, as supply will be limited on each style) — We’ll be bringing out vintage favorites, collaboration brews, a battle of the firkins, and, of course, our core beer classics + our 7th Anniversary Ale. PLUS, we’re debuting our new winter Limited Release can – Oatmeal Stout (5%) (more info below)!!   >> Check out our full lineup on our Facebook event page HERE! <<

LIVE MUSIC //  Technicolor Tone Factory,  Wandering Natives,  Zen Mustache,  & K-Law

FOOD //  The Tasterie Truck,  Sancho’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant & Rollin’ Bones BBQ

ABOUT THE 7th ANNIVERSARY ALE //  At a hefty 9.6% ABV, this Belgian-style ale was kettle soured and brewed with fresh pressed watermelon and apple juice, viognier (Vee-Ohn-Yey) grape juice, and dragonfruit puree, as well as zest from grapefruit, lemon, and lime. With aromas of tropical fruit, this beer is tangy, juicy, and zippy with an immense amount of fruit complexity ending with a bright puckering finish. We present this beer as our 7th Anniversary Ale as it perfectly exemplifies our unique style and high brewing standards—and it’s really fun to celebrate with. This beer is extremely limited and won’t last long, so snag a glass while you can!

Upslope Oatmeal StoutNEW CAN RELEASE //  We’ll also be releasing our Winter Limited Release Oatmeal Stout! Our robust, full-bodied Oatmeal Stout boasts notes of cocoa, dried fruit and caramel. Brewed with oats, roasted malts and East Kent Golding hops, this 5% ABV stout will keep you warm when the weather gets nippy!

*Event is FREE! 21+ (children under 12, accompanied by parents or guardians welcomed). Also, we love your four legged friends, too, but please NO dogs.

*Lee Hill will be CLOSED on Saturday, Nov. 14; Flatiron Park will be closing at 8:00 pm, at the close of our event, instead of our usual time of 10:00 pm


Kick-off Event: Friday, November 13th

Can’t make it to the big celebration on Saturday? Then join us on Friday, November 13th at our Lee Hill tap room for a Customer Appreciation Kick-Off Party (5-8 pm)!

Check out some of the special beers that will be on tap for the evening:
– Tequila Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong Ale
– 7th Anniversary Ale
– Cabernet IPA
– Imperial Rye IPA
– 2011 Barleywine
– 2015 Barleywine
– Champagne Saision
– Oktoberfest Lager

Available 19.2 oz Cans:
– Ferus Fluxus
– Wild Saison
– Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
– Belgian Style Quadruple Ale
– Manhattan Style Rye Ale

Celebrate Great American Beer Fest week with Upslope!

It’s that time of year again – the annual Great American Beer Festival is NEXT WEEK and we have a hoppy heap of events lined up for ya! Join us as we toast to our favorite week of the year:

September 21 – September 26

Come see us at our tap rooms for daily tours (noon & 4:00 pm) and special releases all week. We also have plenty of events goin’ down in Denver, so be sure to check out the Denver events list below, and come party with the Upslope crew!


USLPB-0606 GABF Event Collateral 2015 - Poster


USLPB-0606 GABF Event Collateral 2015 - Postcard


Pumpkin Ale is back!



The wait is (almost) over… our highly anticipated Limited Release Pumpkin Ale is ready to start flowin’ – rejoice, pumpkin heads!

Join us Thursday, September 10th at our Flatiron Park tap room for our Pumpkin Ale Release Party (5:00-9:00 pm), and be the first to try this year’s batch on tap. LuLu’s BBQ will be on site to feed your need for barbecue.

Cans hit shelves the following week, but you can snag your 4-pack of 16 oz cans ($15) from us at the Release Party. Come get your fill!


Bob Munson

December 17, 1940 – August 31, 2015

In Honor of Bob Munson

Tomorrow’s Pumpkin Ale Release Party will be in Honor of Bob Munson of  Munson Farms, where Upslope has gotten our baby bear pumpkins every year for our Fall Limited Release.

$1 from all Pumpkin Ale pints sold will be donated to The Robert E. Munson U of I Scholarship Fund.

Pumpkin Ale Processing + Picking 045

Upslope Announces Plans to Move and Expand Experimental Brewing Facility

Upslope S'PARK Project

New brewpub scheduled to open Fall 2017

Boulder, Colo. (Sept. 4, 2015) Upslope Brewing Company, in cooperation with central Boulder’s S’PARK development, is proud to announce plans for an all-new 11,000 square foot brewpub at 34th St. and Valmont in Boulder, Colorado. Scheduled for completion in the fall of 2017, the new facility will be home to all of Upslope’s experimental brewing and barrel-aging, as well as a full-service restaurant with a mezzanine and patio.

“The innovation emerging from our Lee Hill brewery has never been more important than it is today, and has become essential to stay relevant in today’s quickly evolving craft beer industry. In an effort to expand the experimental brewing, piloting, barrel-aging and collaboration beers that are going on there today, we need to move the brewery to a larger location,” said Upslope Founder Matt Cutter. “We have fortunately been able to combine that expansion effort with being part of a one-of-a-kind project taking shape in central Boulder, just north of Boulder Junction. Having worked with Element Properties for many months on the design of this brewpub, we couldn’t be more excited to be a key component of the S’PARK project and Markt building.”

Upslope first opened its doors in November 2008 with just two beer styles at the current Lee Hill location. Over the past six years, the company has experienced unprecedented growth. In 2013, Upslope opened its second location in Flatiron Park, a 27,000 square foot brewery complete with a 2,300 square foot tap room. Today, Upslope offers five year round styles, six Limited Release styles, the Lee Hill Series and the Tap Room Series.

The existing Lee Hill tap room and experimental brewing facility, located in North Boulder, will remain in operation until the completion of the new facility in the fall of 2017.

Upslope’s Flatiron Park location will continue as its main production brewery, producing its year round, canned offerings and its popular tap room will remain open.



Media Contact: Alex Hunt | Verde Brand Communications |

Upslope Releases REEL ROCK Session IPA to Celebrate Film Tour’s 10th Anniversary

Upslope REEL ROCK Session IPA
Boulder, Colo. (Aug. 11, 2015) – Upslope Brewing Company announces the limited release of their REEL ROCK Session India Pale Ale in collaboration with the REEL ROCK Film Tour as a tribute to the tour’s landmark 10th year.

For the past decade, the REEL ROCK Film Tour has defined the standard for climbing movies with its annual offering of stunning action and compelling stories to audiences around the globe. REEL ROCK is set to raise the bar once again this year as it kicks off its worldwide tour to over 450 locations across all seven continents.

REEL ROCK 10 poster imageThis collaboration Session IPA, available in 19.2-ounce limited release cans and on draft in Upslope’s tap rooms, is light, crisp and hop forward. To create the bright and refreshing base, Upslope brewed its Session IPA with premium pilsner and a touch of German rye. Hop bursted and dry hopped with loads of Galaxy and Cascade, the aroma offers notes of peach, passionfruit and citrus zest. With the full flavor and bitterness of an IPA at 41 IBU, but brewed to 3.9% ABV, imbibers can feel free to session another after a hard session at the crag.

REEL ROCK 10 includes exclusive premieres of short films by co-founders Sender Films and Big UP Productions that tell the stories of the most exciting vertical achievements from the past year, including an epic traverse across the jagged peaks of Patagonia, a rowdy pumpfest at 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell, and an exclusive look at the history-making Dawn Wall free ascent. REEL ROCK 10 will feature athletes Tommy Caldwell, Kevin Jorgeson, Alex Honnold and Daniel Woods, with a special tribute to the late Dean Potter. Audiences will share in moments of hilarity, struggle and triumph as these hardcore and often larger-than-life climbers take on awe-inspiring challenges.

Release Party

To celebrate the release of this limited release REEL ROCK Session IPA, Upslope will host a party at its Flatiron Park tap room from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015. 19.2-ounce cans of this collaboration brew will be available for purchase for $6. LuLu’s BBQ will be on site serving up food truck eats.

REEL ROCK 10 premieres Sept. 17 in Boulder, Colo. The tour schedule can be found at


About the REEL ROCK Film Tour

The REEL ROCK Film Tour brings the best climbing and adventure films of the year to live audiences throughout the world. REEL ROCK shows are high energy, community events that go beyond mere film screenings to include prize giveaways, athlete and filmmaker appearances, non-profit fundraising, and a festival atmosphere. REEL ROCK is presented by The North Face and Gore-tex, and sponsored by Sterling Rope, Goal Zero, Petzl, Skratch Labs, and Climbing Magazine.



Upslope Tap Room

We’re looking for an energetic and friendly individual with a passion for craft beer and outstanding customer service to join our team in the tap room!

Currently, we are looking for a part-time employee to work weekends and the occasional weekday with hours as early as 10:00 am and as late as 11:00 pm. Occasional event and festival work may be available.

Job duties will be focused around the tap room and lending a hand during brewery events.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following (plus, a little more on what we’re looking for):

  • Serving and talking about the beer in our tap rooms – A passion for the craft beer industry is a must! Strong craft beer knowledge and previous serving experience is a major plus.
  • Interacting with customers – Customer service is our #1. A professional and positive attitude are a must! Experience with face-to-face customer service is a plus.
  • Draft system maintenance & troubleshooting – Must be a quick learner and willing to handle kegs.
  • Conducting tours and telling the “Upslope story” (don’t worry…we’ll teach ya) – Bring a fun, upbeat & enthusiastic personality to the table and we can show you the rest!
  • Maintaining cleanliness of tap room – Must be a self-starter and willing to help where we needed.
  • All employees will be required to become TIPS certified upon hiring.

We work in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment, where hard work and working well with others is paramount. We’re all about work hard, play hard, to, so enjoying the outdoor lifestyle is encouraged at Upslope.

To apply:

Send cover letter and resume to, or drop ’em off at either tap room.

New Lee Hill Series! Vol. 5, Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale

Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale available Aug. 13

Boulder, Colo. (Aug. 7, 2015) Upslope Brewing Company announces Volume 5 of its quarterly Lee Hill Series– Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale.

Upslope Lee Hill Series Belgian QuadInspired by traditional monastic brewing, Upslope’s brewers set out to create a hefty and intricate Quadrupel to celebrate the craftsmanship of Belgian brewing. Brewed with a select strain of Belgian yeast and traditional Belgian candi syrup, the 12.8% abv beer matured over six months to mellow and soften its character. With layered notes of flambéd bananas foster, black currants and hints of clove, this fine ale will continue to develop and transform over time.

“This fifth installment falls near the first anniversary of releasing our Lee Hill Series. We launched the Series with a Barrel Aged Brown Ale last summer as a tribute to our original Lee Hill tap room in North Boulder,” said Upslope Head Brewer Sam Scruby. “The Lee Hill brewing facility is where we revel in and explore small batch experimentation and creativity. One year in to the Series, we couldn’t be more pleased with the creations that have come out of this place. It’s a great time to reinforce our commitment to experimenting and crafting small batch, innovative styles and carry on this quarterly tradition.”

Release Party

To celebrate the release of Lee Hill Series Vol. 5, Upslope will host a party at its Lee Hill tap room from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015. 19.2-ounce cans of the Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale will be available for purchase for $13 (limit four). Heirloom will be on site serving up food truck eats.

Introducing NEW Tap Room Series & Limited Release Blood Orange Saison

New canned offerings strengthen Upslope’s diverse selections

Boulder, Colo. (July 16, 2015) Upslope Brewing Company broadens their collection of carefully crafted beers with the introduction of the all-new Tap Room Series and the newest addition to their line of seasonal Limited Releases – Blood Orange Saison.
Tap Room Series-Citra Pale Ale imageThe 19.2-ounce rotating Tap Room Series cans will consist of brewer-selected beers that have been vetted in Upslope’s tap rooms. Unlike the barrel aged Lee Hill Series that was introduced last summer, which are often intended to be cellared, the highly approachable new series of beers are crafted to be consumed brewery-fresh.

The first in the series, a 5.9% abv Citra Pale Ale, will be available for purchase at one of Upslope’s two Boulder tap rooms and select retailers starting July 27, 2015. The Citra hops used to brew this American Pale Ale impart distinctive citrus and tropical fruit flavors. With a moderately dry finish and a spicy hop character that approaches that of an IPA, this beer has been a top seller in our tap rooms since its release.

“Our tap room customers are continuously excited by the creative new recipes our brewers are coming up with,” said Upslope Founder Matt Cutter. “It’s great to be able to offer some of our most popular styles in this new Tap Room Series so these beers can also be enjoyed at home or on the trail.”

Upslope Blood Orange SaisonUpslope’s newest Limited Release creation, a 12-ounce Blood Orange Saison, will be available in 6-packs beginning in Sept. 2015 in all of Upslope’s distribution areas, including: Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Arizona, Montana and New Mexico. The distinctive citrus flavor of the Mandarina Bavaria hops used to brew this 6% abv saison complement the blood oranges, while the spice from the pink peppercorns interplays with the beer’s natural sweetness.

We’re Kicking Off Tuesday Tappings With 4 New IPAs in July!

Temperatures are rising and we’ve been busy brewing!

In celebration of our new Tuesday Tappings (where we release a brand new beer every Tuesday at our Flatiron Park brewery) we’ve decided to make it a very hoppy July!

We’ll be releasing a different IPA every Tuesday throughout the entire month of July, and we’re bringing out an eclectic mix of fresh, juicy, balanced, and assertive brews to get you through the summer heat. We’ve included two S.M.A.S.H. (single malt and single hop) beers to highlight specific hop and malt varieties that we love, and a couple of other innovative concoctions.



Check out the lineup below as Head Brewer, Sam Scruby, enlightens us on what to expect:

Name of Beer: S.M.A.S.H. (Red-X, Belma)
Release Date: July 7th
Description: “We decided to pair this new malt type with a new hop variety. The fiery red color of Red-X gives this beer a ruby hue with a full bodied and slightly biscuity character. Belma hops give a very distinctive strawberry aroma with hints of pine and melon .”

Name of Beer: Mosaic IPA
Release Date: July 14th
Description: “We felt like using a newer and increasingly popular hop variety: Mosaic. This will be our most aggressive and hop- forward offering of the month, with big tropical and candy like fruit notes, and a solidly American size dose of IBUs.”

Name of Beer: S.M.A.S.H. (Maris Otter, East Kent Golding)
Release Date: July 21st
Description: “A more balanced and traditional approach to a single hopped beer, we choose two of the most popular English brewing inputs- The spicy,floral and earthy East Kent Golding, and the distinctly rich and full-flavored Maris Otter malt .”

Name of Beer: Oatmeal IPA with Cascade
Release Date: July 28th
Description: “It’s a new spin on the classic American hop. We’re looking to combine the smooth and silky texture of oats with the robust grapefruit and citrus flavors imparted from North American Cascade hops. Dare I say creamsicle IPA? We will find out.”

We are stoked for our new Tuesday Tappings program, and thrilled to kick it off with some IPA awesomeness. Join us at Flatiron Park every Tuesday to beat the summer heat with these brews!


Jul IPA UpslopeStill want more, hop heads?

Come see us, + 30 other breweries, at the 7th Annual Jul-IPA Festival on Saturday, July 11 (12-4 pm) brought to you by West End Tavern and hosted at the Millennium Harvest House in Boulder!

Grab your ticket* HERE – includes entry into the festival, a commemorative Jul-IPA glass which allows you to taste 35+ IPAs, live music & games. Food will be available for purchase from The Millennium Hotel and The West End Tavern.

*Ticket price increases to $35 the day of the event.





Upslope & Global Works Raise $4,200 for Nepal


After the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, the crew at Upslope was looking for a way to help.

Our friends at Global Works – International Community Service have worked with the children of the Dadagaun Village School & Orphanage in Nepal in the past. The school and orphanage both experienced substantial damage during and after the first earthquake. The orphanage and many village homes were rendered unsafe to live in. Village residents and children from the orphanage have been sleeping on the ground under makeshift lean-tos and tents. The orphanage needs to be entirely re-built.

On June 10th, Global Works joined us in hosting a benefit at our Flatiron Park tap room in order to raise funds for the residents and children of Dadagaun Village.

Yoga NepalTo start things off, we held a one-hour yoga class in our tap room. With a suggested donation of $10 for the class, all proceeds went toward the cause. Following the class, we held a silent auction with items donated by Upslope, Global Works, Zeal Optics, Rab USA, Patagonia, Salewa & Osprey Packs. Additionally, local musicians donated their time and played upbeat music on our patio.

A dollar from every beer sold during the event was donated- so we were happy to see such a great turnout. Upslope also matched every dollar made from the silent auction.

Members from the Global Works team gave a presentation on Dadagaun Village and showcased an exquisite slideshow of photos taken in Nepal, many of which were also available at the silent auction.

We are so grateful to our friends at Global Works, our event sponsors, and our customers who came out to help us raise funds for this awesome cause! Without everyone’s help, we couldn’t have raised $4,200 for Dadagaun Village.

Upslope + Dragonfly Coffee Roasters Release Yirgacheffe Coffee Dubbel

Two of your favorite things combined… COFFEE + BEER!

We teamed up with our neighbors up at our Lee Hill brewery, Dragonfly Coffee Roasters, for a limited release collaboration that’s sure to perk you right up – a Yirgacheffe Coffee Dubbel.


Charlie & Tamas




“We decided to try something that wasn’t the typical coffee beer,” said our Head of Barrel Aging and Special Projects, Charlie Condon. “We felt the Dubbel would be a great platform for the coffee Tamas (Owner of Dragonfly Coffee Roasters) selected.”




Yirgacheffe coffee beans

Yirgacheffe coffee beans


The particular Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee utilized in this beer shows profound tones of blueberry, fragrant lily & musk in the aroma and cup with a light footed yet lively tangerine-like acidity and a well rounded, gently drying cacao-nib like finish.

According to Charlie, they decided to use Orbit hops, which are a southern hemisphere blend of hop varietals that he describes as having blueberry notes.



Preparing the coffee grounds to enter the brew

Preparing the coffee grounds to enter the brew




Both the coffee and beer come together to create a sweet aroma somewhere between cotton candy and plums, balanced against a subtle earthiness.






Brewers Charlie, Alex and Sam with Dragonfly Coffee Roasters’ owner, Tamas.



This beer is sure to please, and change any preconception you may have of what a “coffee beer” is supposed to be.

Join us Thursday, April 30 at our Lee Hill tap room for the release starting at 5 pm!

Upslope Celebrates Earth Day with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

In celebration of Earth Day, Upslope staffers teamed up with our friends from Zeal Optics and polar explorer Eric Larsen and team, to help make a difference!


Environmental non-profit organization, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV) has been working hard to restore the land damaged by Boulder County’s historic flood in 2013. This Earth Day, we were lucky enough to lend a few hands in their most recent project: planting willows and cottonwoods along the river in Eldorado Canyon.



We got down and dirty and had an absolute blast. Thanks to WRV who showed us the ropes, we were able to take part in planting the 900 plants accomplished that day. We celebrated by drinking a few hard-earned beers and throwing a Get Wild to Save the Wild party at our Flatiron Park tap room, where a dollar from every beer sold benefited our new friends at WRV.




We were so grateful for the opportunity to help WRV this past Earth Day and really look forward to our next restoration adventure with them. To learn more about ways to support WRV, click here!


Cleaning & Climbing in Arizona

3363825_origSixty rock climbers and outdoor junkies filled the parking lot of The BLOC bouldering gym as the summery April sun reached over the Rincon Mountains to illuminate the desert city of Tucson. Buckets, trash bags and gloves in hand, the volunteers splintered off into smaller clusters following a safety briefing, each charged with cleaning up a different section of the 27-mile Catalina Highway thanks to the organizational efforts of the Climbing Association of Southern Arizona (CASA). The day would be warm and the work messy, but the reward—a cleaner mountain liberated of hundreds of pounds of trash—would be enjoyed by the mountain’s visitors for years to come.

We began selling our beer in Arizona last year, seeing our neighbor as a great market for a brand inspired by the active lifestyles we enjoy so much. With just about every type of outdoor recreation available in Arizona, from mountain biking and cycling to rock climbing, hiking, and snow sports, we knew there would be no shortage of outdoorsy types thirsty for our lightweight, canned brews. Like them, we love drinking good beer while doing the things we love, and we aim to do it as responsibly as we can!

It’s no secret that our home state of Colorado is big on protecting the environment, and so are we. Between running green events at our two breweries in Boulder, partnering with conservation groups like Trout Unlimited to protect our local watersheds (after all, beer is over 90% water!) and above all, practicing environmentally-friendly brewing practices, we’re exploring all avenues for reducing our impact on the planet. So when we caught wind of a climber-run mountain cleanup happening in the mountains north of Tucson, we wanted to show our support for anyone willing to volunteer their Saturday to a cause as pure as picking up trash in the great outdoors.

As it turns out, a lot of these conscious climbers also like craft beer. Who knew?

Stretching through five of North America’s seven life zones, from lowland desert to alpine forests, the Catalina Mountains serve as one of the most diverse natural environments in the country. Thousands of trad., sport, and mixed climbing routes established through decades of rock climbing line the highway leading from Tucson to the summit of Mt. Lemmon in a steep 6,000-foot climb that bridges the desert and forest, earning the mountain rage the title of “sky island.” Regarded as one of the best cycling roads in the country and dotted with endless scenic vistas, picnic areas and campgrounds, the mountain range attracts over a million visitors each year in their pursuit of all things athletic, aesthetic and leisurely.

Unfortunately, an unsightly side effect of human activity is waste. Though vastly reduced in recent years thanks in part to grassroots efforts like CASA’s “clean and climb” event, trash hides in the shadows along the sides of the otherwise-stunning highway. From the base to the summit, chunks of blown tires, rusty exhaust components, shattered fragments of plastic Wal-Mart snow sleds and above-all, shattered beer bottles (see why we’re into this whole canned beer thing?) lurk in ditches and beneath rocks. One need only step a few paces off the beaten path to find the evidence of some visitors’ regrettable disregard for the same scenery they venture up the mountain to enjoy.

One bag a person. That’s all it takes to make a difference. In just two hours, sixty volunteers rid the mountain of sixty bags of trash, forty feet of rebar, sixty feet of steel pipe and one spare truck tire. Their reward? Satisfaction, a cleaner and safer climbing haven, lots of free Access Fund and Upslope schwag and last but not least, an Upslope/The BLOC co-sponsored social scheduled at sundown for volunteers who opted to climb on the mountain following the cleanup.


As one might imagine, there was plenty of Upslope beer and numerous stories of odd trash finds to be shared!

“But where does beer fit into the equation?” one might ask. Like most products, beer taxes the environment in ways often unseen, from water usage and heating expenses to transportation costs and last but not lease, packaging waste.

A majority of the trash collected at the cleanup was glass beer bottles. Recycling and production costs aside, glass bottles pose one threat to the environment that cannot be solved: It breaks. When it breaks, one piece of trash instantly becomes one hundred pieces of trash, littering campsites with hazardous fragments for a lifetime and making cleanup exponentially more laborious. Glass bottles also weight more and can’t be compressed like aluminum cans, making transportation of both full and empty bottles a costlier and more burdensome endeavor. See where we’re going with this?

As a brewery that crafts with conscience at every step, we don’t want to see our product in one of these ditches. While we can only do so much to reduce our brewery’s impact on the environment, we recognize that the people you sell to play just as large a role in the propagation of your product as you do. By advocating for sustainable brewing practices and supporting grassroots movements like CASA’s clean-and-climb, we hope to spread an attitude of considerate consumption and environmental sensitivity.

Canned beer isn’t the end-all cure to beer-related waste. In fact, draft beer addresses that issue more directly since kegs can be reused indefinitely. But since the dawn of modern outdoor adventure, men and women have burdened their packs with the weight of beer, seeing it as a critical comfort in their trudge to confront the wild head-on.

The next time you head outside, consider what you’ve read here as you fill your cooler or your pack with the so-called “people’s drink.” Even if it’s not Upslope beer, follow our lead and leave the glass at home. All it takes is one brash movement to break a bottle and litter a campsite, trail or crag for an eternity.

Besides, canned beer rules. Turns out there’s even a beer festival dedicated to it!

Join our Get Down Green Team!

Join-Our-Green-TeamCalling all eco-conscious beer drinkers!

Are you passionate about the environment? Do you like to drink delicious craft beer and see live music?

Upslope is looking for volunteers for our Green Team at this year’s Get Down music festival on May 16 to help educate our 3000+ attendees on what items are recyclable and compostable and assist in helping us maintain a zero-waste event.

No previous eco-education necessary, as our Eco-Cycle team leaders will teach you all you need to know! And you won’t even get your hands dirty! Your job is to stand by our greening receptacles for a 3-hour shift and make sure festival-goers are disposing their items in the proper places. Should be pretty simple, especially because we’re using compostable cups provided by Eco-Products! Volunteers will receive one beer ticket per hour served.


Send a short email with your name and contact info to

Craft Lager 12-Packs Hitting Shelves for the First Time!

11025193_10152655702451835_1720690090317126466_nWe hope you’re as excited as we are about the release of our Craft Lager 12-packs! Perfect for outdoor adventures, these cans are river-ready. We’re honoring our upstream roots through our 1% for Rivers Campaign and partnership with Trout Unlimited.

This year-round style has become a staple for Colorado craft beer fans and river enthusiasts alike and has been benefitting coldwater fisheries and watersheds through our 1% for Rivers campaign since 2011. One percent of all Craft Lager can sales are donated to local Trout Unlimited chapters in Colorado, Arizona, Montana, Texas and Wyoming.

“Our local watersheds give us so much—beauty, recreation and of course, the snowmelt that goes into our premium craft beers,” said Henry Wood, Upslope’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Protecting our water is not only essential for good fishing, it’s also good for beer—and we all know fishing is better with beer!”

Upslope Craft Lager is a premium American lager brewed entirely of malted barley and Saaz hops. Snowmelt-infused and river-ready, this Colorado-style session beer delivers a clean, easy, light-bodied lager for the ages.

“Trout Unlimited is thrilled to ramp up our partnership with Upslope on the 1% for Rivers campaign,” said Joel Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer for Trout Unlimited. “We share a goal of raising awareness for conservation of trout. TU’s presence on their new 12-packs will give Upslope fans the opportunity to enjoy a great craft beer while making the fishing better on their home water.”

TU and Upslope LogosTrout Unlimited is a national organization that works to conserve, protect and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. One percent of proceeds from every can of Upslope Craft Lager sold will go directly to local chapters to ensure that robust populations of native and wild coldwater fish such as Trout and Salmon once again thrive within their North American range.


Twelve-packs of Upslope Craft Lager will be available on shelves at select Colorado liquor stores and will be available in all of Upslope’s channels of distribution later this spring, including our out-of-state markets: Arizona, Montana, Texas and Wyoming.

Learn more and get involved with Trout Unlimited by visiting


Guest Blog: An Herbalist’s Take On Our Winter Herbal Ale

Here at Upslope, our brewers are constantly experimenting- often blending new styles with traditional techniques. This winter, we teamed up with local herbalist and nutritionist Elizabeth Willis and set out to create a hopless beer to capture the unique flavors of the season. Our inspiration came from the the ancient tradition of using spruce branches in the brewing and filtration process. After much experimentation we crafted a complex, warming, stout-like herbal ale for the short, cold days of winter.

For the formulation, we focused on creating a one of a kind beer with an emphasis on herbs that
promote overall winter health and good immunity like Echinacea, Siberian Ginseng, Fir tips, and local honey. Notes of fresh pine and chocolate are the centerpieces of this unique, hopless beer.

From the Herbalist Point of View: Winter Herbal Ale




Echinacea (echinacea angustifolia) This highly popular herbal remedy is used primarily as an
immunomodulant (to increase phagocytic activity of macrophages & leukocyte count) and is anti-
inflammatory, antiviral and is used to stimulate the lymphatic system. It is a cleansing, bitter, lyphatic and immune stimulating herb.



Fir (abies alba) A primary focus and flavor in this beer, Fir is rich in vitamin C and has been used traditionally for all types of respiratory irritation and discomfort. It can also be used as a topical antiseptic. Its flavor is bright, clean and potent and its action in the body is cleansing, expectorant, nutritive and promotes overall respiratory strength. We chose to use Fir over some of the other Pine family plants because unlike the evergreens, Fir (Douglas Fir) contains high concentrations of sugars, mainly trisaccharides and melezitose.


Oregon Grape Root

Oregon Grape Root


Oregon Grape Root (mahonia spp.) Oregon Grape Root is the primary bittering herb in this beer. It is a bitter, cooling, draining and detoxifying herb. In 1870, eclectic doctor, John Scudder, MD. described Oregon Grape to “right the wrongs” and “and give new tone and new blood to the body…” Oregon Grape is specific for promoting: liver health, good digestion and assimilation, while also being antiseptic and antimicrobial.


Siberian Ginseng (elutherococcus senticosus) Classified as an “adaptogen” Siberian Ginseng is a long-term tonic to build strength, energy, endurance and assist in the adaptation to stress and stress related illness.

Local Honey rich in enzymes, minerals, b-vitamins and vitamin C Honey is an excellent sweetener for many styles of beer. Honey is anti-inflammatory, tonic, antiviral, and antibiotic and offers a unique flavor that you wouldn’t get from using white sugar.

Elizabeth Willis CCN., CCH. has a private practice in Boulder CO, and works as a consultant with individuals and natural product companies in product development and consumer education to inspire better health.

Upslope Releases Barrel Aged Imperial Stout!


We’re pumped to announce the release of the third volume of our quarterly limited release Lee Hill Series Thursday, February 19 at our original Lee Hill tap room in North Boulder. The Barrel Aged Imperial Stout continues the celebration of experimentation and creativity that has become the trademark of our small-batch brewery.

The Lee Hill Series Volume 3 Barrel Aged Imperial Stout was brewed to be aged in Leopold Bros. Maryland Rye Whiskey barrels. With copious amounts of Maris Otter malted barley and three distinct roasted grains this stout provides a chocolate, coffee and nuanced dark fruit flavor that fuses excellently with the unique character of the oak barrels. At 10% abv, this robust winter treat delivers spicy rye and smooth vanilla aromas imparted from the barrel aging process.


“Brewing and aging the Lee Hill Series in a small-batch format gives us the opportunity to experiment with the finest ingredients available,” said Head Brewer, Sam Scruby. “The Volume 3 Barrel Aged Imperial Stout is a sturdy, yet smooth, take on the classic stout style.”

After the strong successes of the first and second volumes of the Lee Hill Series releases, we are continuing our commitment to innovation by crafting small batches of cellar-worthy beer.

Beer lovers looking to taste the third installment on tap can head to both Upslope’s Lee Hill and Flatiron Park tap rooms.  We’ve got 19.2 ounce Barrel Aged Imperial Stout cans available for $10 (limit four) at our Lee Hill tap room only. Cheers!


Upslope 2014 Recap + Outlook for 2015!

We had an awesome year in 2014. We released (and drank) a lot of really great beer, entered the Regional Craft Brewery category with our annual production growth, expanded our distribution, received our 6th medal at the Great American Beer Festival just in time for our 6th Anniversary, and threw some wild parties – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Here’s a look at what really happened in 2014:

By surpassing the 15,000-barrel mark in sales for the first time during 2014, Upslope reached our goal of becoming a regional craft brewery one year ahead of schedule.

In 2014, we exceeded forecasted production by brewing and selling 19,600 barrels, an increase of 66 percent over the previous year. The strong growth in 2014 was fueled by increased demand in our home market of Colorado as well as expanded distribution to Texas, Arizona and Wyoming.

Upslope Lee Hill Series Barrel Aged Brown Ale Paste MagazineAlso driving sales was the introduction of a fifth Limited Release style, the Thai Style White IPA, and Upslope’s new, experimental Lee Hill Series. The series, announced in July 2014, earned high praise within the craft beer community – Volume One achieved the number one ranking in Paste Magazine’s “Best New Beers of 2014.”


So what’s up for 2015?

The recent addition of a new centrifuge, canning line, cold room and three more 120-barrel fermenters will bring brewing capacity to 35,000 barrels, allowing Upslope to expand distribution to Montana and New Mexico in the upcoming months.

Upslope Brewing Company fermentation tanks

“With the addition of Montana and New Mexico Upslope will now be distributed, border-to-border, throughout the Intermountain West,” says Henry Wood, Director of Sales and Marketing. “This will put the freshest beer into market areas where we love to work and play.”

Also planned for 2015 is the introduction of an additional 12 oz. Limited Release style and the continuation of the Lee Hill series.

Thank you for drinking beer with us in 2014!

We are so excited for what’s the come this year in 2015. Don’t forget to dust off those dancing shoes and save the date for our 2nd Annual Get Down Music Festival on Saturday, May 16 at our Flatiron Park brewery.

Cheers to another 6 years, ya’ll!

Holiday Gift Ideas

Upslope Brewing HolidayDeck the halls, then deck out the craft beer lover on your list with some Upslope gear!

We’ve selected some of our best sellers and included a few of our newest items to help you land a slam dunk gift this year.

Check ’em out below, then visit us online on Cyber Monday (12/1)  for 25% off your purchase with promo code GIFTSLOPE25.

Upslope Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Cozy up in one of our brand spankin’ new long sleeve Ts. Super soft with a lightweight ink imprint for a vintage feel.

Unisex; Available in Heather Navy and Maroon Triblend






Beanie Lifestyle Image for Blog

Merino Wool Beanie 

Keep your dome piece nice and toasty with our lightweight, but extremely warm, fleece lined wool beanie.

100 % Merino Wool Beanie with 100% Micro-Fleece Inner Band

Unisex; Available in Olive and Navy


Green Hoodie

Zip-up Hoodie

The perfect addition to any wardrobe – a go-to style good for any time of the year! Try it in our NEW green color.

American Apparel F497 Fleece hoodie (50% cotton / 50% polyester)

Unisex; Available in Charcoal, Navy, Maroon, & Green 




Can Glasses


Can Glasses (Set of 4)

Class up your barware collection with our set of can glasses. Perfect for any drink, but we recommend a freshly poured Upslope!

Set of four has a 16 oz. glass for each one of our core, year round styles – No. 1 Pale Ale, No. 2 India Pale Ale, No. 3 Brown Ale, and No. 4 Craft Lager

Introducing Lee Hill Series, Volume 2, Wild Saison

Upslope Brewing Company Lee Hill Wild SaisonGet ready for round two, folks… we’re introducing a Wild Saison – Volume 2 of our Lee Hill Series!

Volume 2, Wild Saison, delivers bright notes of ripe fruit imparted by the Saison yeast and is nicely balanced by the tartness of the Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces. The farmhouse inspired 6.8% abv sour ale was aged for seven months in select red wine barrels then packaged in 19.2-ounce cans.

“Our Lee Hill Series gives us the opportunity to showcase our experimental side and these highly limited brews are a fun experience for our brewers and fans alike,” said Head Brewer, Sam Scruby. “We’re excited to release Volume 2 and share our American sour take on a classic beer style.”

Following the overwhelming success of the Barrel Aged Brown Ale, the first volume of the Lee Hill Series, we are continuing our commitment to innovation and crafting small batches of beer. The Wild Saison will certainly be another cellar keepsake.

Beer lovers wanting to try the second installment on tap or score a can for their cellar should head to our Lee Hill Tap Room ($10/19.2 oz can; limit 4 per customer).


 Check out our 5-star review from HERE!


About the Lee Hill Series

Named after our original North Boulder brewery, the Lee Hill Series is our tribute and continued commitment to experimenting and crafting small batches of beer for YOU, our awesome, beer loving fans.

This quarterly, limited release series celebrates experimentation and creativity. Served up in 19.2 ounce cans, the Series offers new and innovative styles that are sure to be cellar keepsakes!






Upslope Celebrates Six Years of Beers!

6th Anniversary Party | Saturday, November 8

6th Anni FB Event Cover Photo

Join us on Saturday, November 8 (2:00-8:00 pm) at our Flatiron Park brewery* to raise a glass (or a few…) to many more years of doin’ what we love!

We’re taking over the parking lot and tossin’ up the garage doors to the brewery space to make room for the party. Get ready for beer bust-outs (40+ beers on tap!), live music and food trucks galore!

*Both events are 21+ (children under 12, accompanied by parents or guardians welcomed). Also, we love your four legged friends, too, but please NO dogs.

*Lee Hill will be CLOSED on Saturday, Nov. 8; Flatiron Park will be closing at 8:00 pm, at the close of our event, instead of our usual time of 10:00 pm



We’ll be bringing out vintage favorites, collaboration brews, a battle of the firkins, and, of course, our core beer classics + our 6th Anniversary Ale. Check out our lineup below:

  • 6th Anniversary Ale – Imperial Saison with Merlot Grapes (7.7%)
  • Pale Ale (5.8%)
  • India Pale Ale (7.2%)
  • Brown Ale (6.7%)
  • Craft Lager (4.8%)
  • Imperial IPA (10%)
  • Pumpkin Ale (7.7%)
  • Belgian Style Pale Ale (7.2%)
  • Thai Style White IPA (6.5%)
  • Gose (4.4%)
  • Craft Lager with Lime and Tequila (4.9%)
  • Pecan Fruit Lager (4.9%)
  • Citra Honey Saison (7.8%)
  • Lingonberry 6th Anniversary Ale – Imperial Saison with Merlot Grapes (7.7%)
  • Christmas Ale with Cranberries (8.3%)
  • Bourbon Vanilla Pumpkin Ale (7.8%)
  • Plum & Cardamom Rye Saison – collaboration with Hops & Pie (6.9%)
  • Nitro Blonde – collaboration with Freshcraft (8%)
  • “Ferus Fluxus” Wild Belgian Pale Ale – collaboration with Crooked Stave (8%)
  • Belgian Dark Strong Ale – collaboration with BRU (9.4%)
  • Southern Hemisphere Rye Pale – collaboration with Falling Rock Tap House (5%)
  • “Up 4 It” Whole-cone Hopped Honey Pale Ale – collaboration with Upland, Upright, Upslope, & Upstate (7.3%)
  • Sour Mash Pale Ale – collaboration with Barrels & Bottles (4.9%)
  • Porter – collaboration with Trve Brewing (6.4%)
  • Blackberry Belgian Dark Strong (10%)
  • Eis’d Belgian Dark Strong  (13.2%)
  • 2013 Barleywine (15%)
  • 2010 Belgian Dark Sour (10%)
  • Patersbier (5.9%)
  • Saison (6.5%)
  • Barrel Aged Saison (6.5%)
  • Blackberry Belgian Pale Ale (7.2%)
  • 2013 Pumpkin (7.7%)
  • Black IPA (8.2%)
  • 2013 Christmas Ale (8.2%)
  • Lee Hill Series, Volume 1: Barrel Aged Brown Ale (7.6%)
  • Summer Herbal Ale (Gruit) (5.7%)
  • Session IPA (4.2%)
  • Oatmeal Stout (5%)
  • Nitro Oatmeal Stout (5%)
  • Chicory Porter (6.2%)
  • Foreign Style Stout (6.9%)
  • Ozo Coffee Brown (6.7%)
  • Cherry Stout (6.9%)



6th Anni Party Band Lineup 2

The Good Kind (2:00-3:30 pm)

Rocktin Grove (4:00-5:30 pm)

Technicolor Tone Factory (6:00-7:45 pm)



Tacos del Norte, Shopey’s Sandwiches & Big Daddy’s Texas BBQ



6th Anniversary Kick-off Evening | Friday, November 7

To help us kick-off the weekend, join us at our Lee Hill tap room on Friday, November 7th (4:00-8:00 pm) for an intimate evening celebrating the barrel-aged releases of Lee Hill.




Are you “Up 4 It”? New Beer for GABF Week!

Upslope Brewing Company Up 4 It Logo

Are you Up 4 It? We bet you will be when you hear about our latest collaboration!

Introducing “Up 4 It”, the Whole-Cone Hopped Honey Pale Ale brewed with three other “Up” breweries – Upland Brewing from Indiana, Upstate Brewing from New York, and Upright Brewing from Oregon.

We were lucky enough to collaborate with these breweries who each sourced ingredients from their local communities for this brew. With local hops from Oregon, Colorado and Indiana, honey from New York, and 100% Colorado Malt, each brewery was able to bring something to the table.


So where can you find it? If you’re lucky enough to be in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), check us out at the following tapping events:

October 1st

  • Falling Rock Tap House is hosting a special tapping party at 4pm kick off GABF right.
  • It will be available on tap at our Flatiron Park tap room while supplies last, starting at 11am.

October 2nd

  • You can also find “Up 4 It” on tap during Upslope’s tap take over at World of Beer at 4pm.


Photos from our brew day with Upslope Head Brewer Sam Scruby and Patrick from Upland:

Upslope Brewing Company  Up 4 It Collab

It’s goin’ down… whole cone hops!

Upslope Brewing Company Up 4 It

Mixing up the honey

Upslope Brewing Company Up 4 It

Patrick mashing out

Upslope Brewing Company Sam and Patrick

Sam and Patrick enjoying a brew


Party with Upslope this GABF Week!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Great American Beer Festival Week (Sept. 29 – Oct. 4)!

We’ll be celebrating in our tap rooms, as well as all over Denver, so check out our event schedules below and come party with us!

GABF Tap Room Event Schedule


 denver gabf event schedule