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Upslope 2014 Recap + Outlook for 2015!

We had an awesome year in 2014. We released (and drank) a lot of really great beer, entered the Regional Craft Brewery category with our annual production growth, expanded our distribution, received our 6th medal at the Great American Beer Festival just in time for our 6th Anniversary, and threw some wild parties – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Here’s a look at what really happened in 2014:

By surpassing the 15,000-barrel mark in sales for the first time during 2014, Upslope reached our goal of becoming a regional craft brewery one year ahead of schedule.

In 2014, we exceeded forecasted production by brewing and selling 19,600 barrels, an increase of 66 percent over the previous year. The strong growth in 2014 was fueled by increased demand in our home market of Colorado as well as expanded distribution to Texas, Arizona and Wyoming.

Upslope Lee Hill Series Barrel Aged Brown Ale Paste MagazineAlso driving sales was the introduction of a fifth Limited Release style, the Thai Style White IPA, and Upslope’s new, experimental Lee Hill Series. The series, announced in July 2014, earned high praise within the craft beer community – Volume One achieved the number one ranking in Paste Magazine’s “Best New Beers of 2014.”


So what’s up for 2015?

The recent addition of a new centrifuge, canning line, cold room and three more 120-barrel fermenters will bring brewing capacity to 35,000 barrels, allowing Upslope to expand distribution to Montana and New Mexico in the upcoming months.

Upslope Brewing Company fermentation tanks

“With the addition of Montana and New Mexico Upslope will now be distributed, border-to-border, throughout the Intermountain West,” says Henry Wood, Director of Sales and Marketing. “This will put the freshest beer into market areas where we love to work and play.”

Also planned for 2015 is the introduction of an additional 12 oz. Limited Release style and the continuation of the Lee Hill series.

Thank you for drinking beer with us in 2014!

We are so excited for what’s the come this year in 2015. Don’t forget to dust off those dancing shoes and save the date for our 2nd Annual Get Down Music Festival on Saturday, May 16 at our Flatiron Park brewery.

Cheers to another 6 years, ya’ll!

What’s Brewing at Lee Hill?


Specialty Barrels at Lee Hill

We may have moved up and out of the microbrewery category (we recently became a regional craft brewer based on our levels of production), but don’t think for a minute that we’ve forgotten where we came from!

Just in case you did, how about the world’s quickest rundown! Just over six years ago, Upslope Brewing Company got our start on a little brewhouse in North Boulder up on Lee Hill Road. When we outgrew that 7 bbl system, instead of moving to a new location altogether, we opened a second, much larger facility across town at Flatiron Park to serve as our main production facility. So what happened to our Lee Hill brewery? Well, it’s pumping out more specialty brews than you can drink! Upslope’s, now small batch, North Boulder brewery and tap room, celebrates experimentation and creativity.

“Upon building a second Boulder brewery, our plan was to retain our original location at Lee Hill to continue the legacy of innovation, collaboration and experimentation that has brought us to where we are today,” says Founder Matt Cutter.

Among all of the small batch beers we brew at Lee Hill, most will hit our tap rooms, but our favorites get canned as part of our experimental, Lee Hill Series. Each quarter we select a beer to put into 19.2 oz cans to showcase the best of what has emerged from this brewer’s playground. As Upslope’s tribute and continued commitment to experimenting and crafting small batches of beer, the Lee Hill Series offers new and innovative styles that are sure to be cellar keepsakes.

Tiffany removing spent grains from the mash tun

Tiffany removing spent grains from the mash tun


So what’s brewing right now?


When we stopped into the brewery last Thursday, Charlie was brewing up a batch of our Wild Christmas Ale with Cranberries added, so Tiffany jumped in to lend a hand.

Wait. A Christmas Ale? Why are we brewing a Christmas Ale in January?

Known around the brewery as, The Grinch, this beer begins with our Christmas Ale that we will age in red wine barrels with our house sour culture until it’s re-release next December.

The addition of 200 lbs of fresh cranberries accentuates the complex malt body and sour notes from the Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces. Finishing with just a hint of spice and a warming alcohol note, this version of the Christmas Ale gives a whole new meaning to holiday spirit.

Peruvian Ginger, Coriander, Blade Mace & Orange Peel

Peruvian Ginger, Coriander, Blade Mace, & Orange Peel all go into our Christmas Ale

So have patience, ya’ll! We all know that good things come to those who wait, right? We plan on putting this bad boy into 19.2 oz cans as part of our Lee Hill Series set to be released December 2015. For the eager beer lover, you can stop by our Flatiron Park tap room for a glass of our 2014 version of the Wild Christmas Ale while supplies last.

It’s Stout Season, Baby!

Foreign Style Stout Eiseman hut - Cured

Our friends from Cured Boulder enjoying a Foreign Style Stout at the Eiseman Hut (Photo Credit:  Will Frischkorn)

It’s cold outside. Warm up with our Limited Release Upslope Foreign Style Stout!

“Originally brewed in 2009, Foreign Style Stout debuted as our first anniversary beer and has been one of my favorites ever since,” says our Co-founder and Director of Brewery Operations, Dany Pages. “It embodies the roots of a foreign export stout, but is brewed to have a rich head and smooth roast character.”


So what is a Foreign Stout?

This traditional Irish style, also known as an Export Stout, was historically brewed bigger than usual to withstand the long journey to tropical markets. While there are many variations of this style, our version highlights roasted coffee notes, an opaque black color and a delicately warming mouthfeel.


Eric and Foreign Stout

Brewer Eric gettin’ after it!


Our Foreign Style Stout sits at 6.9% abv with an easy finish. Roasted barley, chocolate malts, our signature Patagonian hops, and Irish Ale Yeast come together to create the perfect beer for stout aficionados and newbies alike. It’s the perfect beer to drink after a day on the slopes.

You can find our 12 oz. six-packs of Foreign Style Stout in Colorado, Texas, Arizona and Wyoming.