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Getting Kicked When You\’re Down

Coming back from a hut trip, she had no idea that I hadn't showered in 3 days.

I have always believed that one of the true benefits of starting a business and growing a following would be a means to enable giving to both a local and global community.

Timeline: Tuesday, January 12th a 7.0 earthquake rocks Haiti. The estimates of casualities and fatalities begin, but in the back of your head you just know that the numbers are only headed in one direction. A world away, but somehow also in our backyard, the impact is felt. With some personal connections to Haiti, I read the headlines the next day and try to comprehend what it could possibly be like. That evening, I receive a phone call from Henry Wood, Upslope Brewing’s Director of Sales and Marketing, “We gotta help. What if we gave half of all tap room sales to the Red Cross on Friday?” We had donated to various charities in the past year, but never anything like this. “Let’s do it.” Chad put together an email blast the next day and the stage was set. We set a jar out on the bar for direct donations and unlocked the door. While Fridays can be a happening night at the tap room, the outcome was extraordinary. This group, these faces that we recognize as supporters from our infancy until now, came out not to just raise a pint, but to take part in taking care of a whole group of people latitudes away. Thanks to them, between pints and donations, we raised $750 and handed it over to the Red Cross. This is not an amount that will change the course of history, but it was a solid gesture from a fellow neighbor in the Western Hemisphere. We provided the means, and you gave. Thank you.

“A society is ultimately judged by how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable members.” – Anonymous

Upslope Named Best Pale Ale by Maxim Magazine

Boulder, Colorado — Upslope Pale Ale has been awarded Best Pale Ale by Maxim Magazine. In its upcoming February issue, the magazine’s cover feature, “The 25 Best New Beers In America” highlights Upslope as Best Pale Ale among other “top new brews of our nation’s beer renaissance.”

After sampling hundreds of new American beers, Maxim writer, Mike Dawson, declared Upslope Pale Ale to be among … “the 25 tastiest, most life-affirming concoctions to hit the shelves recently.” Chosen as Best Pale Ale, Maxim’s review of Upslope goes on to say, “These guys opened shop in late 2008, and they already own our taste buds thanks to their pale. It’s the most palatable craft beer we’ve gulped in a while. Check the ingredients: ‘Snow melt, malt, Patagonian hops, yeast.’ We’re officially down with Upslope.”

Still feeling the rush of bringing home two bronze medals from the Great American Beer Festival in September, Upslope is thrilled to add Maxim’s recognition to the young brewery’s momentum. “We’re honored by Maxim’s distinction as Best Pale Ale and couldn’t be more pleased to be considered among the ranks of such breweries as Oskar Blues, New Belgium and Great Divide,” said Matt Cutter, Founder of Upslope.

Upslope Brewing Company, a new microbrewery located in Boulder, Colorado, taps into today’s on-the-go beer enthusiast’s active lifestyle by offering superior quality hand-crafted ales in cans. The teaming of fine ales in cans allows Upslope’s products to be fresh, mobile, and easily part of an active lifestyle. Shared with friends after a long mountain bike ride, enjoyed at the end of skinning up and skiing down a snowy trail, or ordered in a local pub, Upslope is a natural fit for the active beer consumer.

Upslope is pleased to join Maxim magazine in the challenge thrown down to its readers in its “Best New Beers in America” feature, “We dare you to take a slug and not smile!”