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Brewers Must Be Brewers

Head Brewer, Dany Pages, checks the numbers.

Head Brewer, Dany Pages, checks the numbers.

Take a regular human being, and make him a chemist. Take a chemist and make him an artist. Take an artist and make him a statistician. Take a statistician and make him a plumber. Take a plumber and make him a cook. Take a cook and make him a perfectionist.   Take a perfectionist and make him a brewer.

At Upslope Brewing Company, we are headed into unchartered waters. We are brewing ales resulting from the opportunity, “What do you want to brew?”. As a result, we are at a very exciting junction in which we have allowed our brewers to spread their wings and offer up their best in our “Single Batch Series”. Four single batches of four different styles are coming out of this effort. The brewers have created these ales from their own recipes. Two of these four batches have been created by homebrewers. They came to us with some creative ideas. We thought that we’d see what they got.

Since these releases will not be canned, join us in the Tap Room over the next 3-4 weeks to celebrate these offerings. Bring your critical palate. Tell us if we’re headed in the right direction. Because, even artists need to be judged once in awhile.

Craft Brewing Brotherhood

When we first started brewing beer back in October, on a Sunday afternoon I was meeting some friends at Upslope in order to give them a tour. Upon reaching to unlock the door, a voice perked up behind our group, “Do any of you guys work here?”. It was Dave Chichura, Head Brewer of Oskar Blues. He had noticed the sign and was curious about what we were all about. He joined the tour, and I encouraged him to chime in whenever he could. When things were wrapping up, he said, “If you ever need anything, just ask.”

I have learned ever since that when a fellow brewer says this, it’s not just   lipservice. Boulder County and Colorado are somewhat of a craft brewing incubator. We have a sound infrastructure of suppliers, outstanding water, legislation that allows a startup to succeed, a brewer’s association that is the standard, a strong state brewer’s guild, a population of educated palates who demand great beer, and a bunch of brewers who want to see their “competitors” succeed. It’s no wonder that Colorado produces more beer than any state in the Union.

I have taken Dave up on his offer more than once, and offers made from the great people at Left Hand, Avery, Boulder Beer .   .   .